Thursday, June 13, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! Almost through the work week...woo hoo! Here are my random things for this Thursday:

{one} I have an ear infection :( On Monday, my ear randomly started to hurt and progressed since then. I went to the doctor's yesterday and they confirmed it. Not fun at all! I've never had one before and wouldn't wish it on anyone. I ended up spending the day at home yesterday because the pain and pressure in my ear was so bad.

{two} we tried new recipes this week and both were really good! We made the kung pao chicken and the black bean spinach enchiladas. I found both recipes on a new to me website called Six Sisters Stuff.

{three} has anyone been watching the new season of So You Think You Can Dance? I love this show! I can't wait to see who makes the top 20.

Tell me: what are your three things for this Thursday?


  1. Awww hope you are feeling better soon - I have never had an ear infection either but I am battling strep throat and mono right now and it SUCKS...i haven't had strep throat since I had my tonsils out when I was 12 (im almost 30)

  2. Ear infections are no fun, I had one a couple months ago and they are the worst! Cruz has one right now too. :( I watched SYTYCD last night - first time this season, I always wait until there are less people to watch but I do love it. I have made a few things from Six Sister Stuff before but i'll have to try the kung poa chicken! yum.

  3. I hope you feel better soon! Ear infections are no fun. However as a kid I had them all the time but did not mind cause the medicine was my favorite. lol.
    I will have to check out that website, I need new supper ideas.

  4. Ugh I hate ear infections! I get them too often to the point that I can't mess around with them and have to meds right away for my right ear because it has caused damaged to my ear drum!

    I'm watching SYTYCD!! Love it! Except I hate the screams that one lady makes.

  5. I'm sorry you are sick! I hope that you feel better soon. I have never had an ear infection but it does not sound fun at all!!!

  6. Ear infections are the worst!! When I was little I got them probably 8 or 9 times a year, I pretty much lived on that banana flavored medicine. They stopped when i was in grade 6, and I've only had one since then, thank goodness! I hope it feels better soon.

  7. Yum, those recipes sound awesome. Thanks for posting the links. I might have to try one of them this weekend as I am looking for some new recipe ideas!

    I have never had an ear infection but they sound horrible. I hope the antibiotics kick in quickly and you feel better soon!

    My 3 things are that 1) I saw Minneapolis co-workers on Wed/Thur nights and it was SO great to see familiar, friendly faces. 2) Some crap has happened at work this week that reminds me that this is definitely not a long term home for me. 3) I am really looking forward to the weekend as I have plans both tonight and tomorrow! And if my foot feels ok, I might try to do a hike on Sunday.

  8. SYTYCD is one of my favourites. Though I feel like they were trying to create more drama than normal with this year's audition episodes...

    As for ear infections - yuck. I don't think I've had one since I was a kid but they are NOT fun.

  9. Never had an ear infection (that I remember) but I've heard they are awful.

    I haven't watched SYTYCD yet this season- that's one show I don't mind sucking me in during the summer!



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