Thursday, June 20, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! One day closer to the weekend and I couldn't be happier! Nothing was wrong yesterday, but it was just one of those days were I felt blah and meh. I am going to blame it on the weather and look forward to this weekend. I made myself a hair appointment and am looking forward to it :) 

For my Three Things Thursday, I decided to go with three things that I don't understand.

{one} People who take their cat for a walk on a leash

Sorry if you are someone who does this, but I don't understand it at all. Why does your cat need to go for a walk? If you want to walk a pet, get a dog. Plus, dogs are MUCH better than cats. Just saying :)

{two} Why people put huge bows on their babies/toddlers and smocked clothing

Why does your daughter need a bow the size of her head of bigger on her?! Is this just a Southern thing? I don't mind bows on girls when they are a normal size.

{three} When someone says they will do something for you by a certain time and then don't do it

I can understand if something suddenly comes up, but just tell that person that you might be late delivering on your word. I'd rather know that it's going to be late, rather thinking that they broke their word to me.

Tell me: what don't you understand?


  1. There is a lady in our complex who walks her cat and it MAKES MY DAY every time I see it. I just find it so hilarious!! We've tried to put a leash on Webster before and he just lays down and doesn't move. Ha. However, I did see this awesome YouTube video on Facebook a couple weeks ago of a young girl who trained her cat and it was amazing the things she taught her cat to do!

  2. Hahaha! I love #1 - my husband has leashes for his cats and I died laughing when I found them. I have dogs and think that walking cats is totally not appropriate!!
    And as for #2 - yes, big bows is a southern thing for sure. I live in Texas and ALWAYS had big bows in my hair growing up - I was known for them. lol

  3. Haha my grandma walks her cat (who is very overweight) on a leash and it's hilarious!! I don't get it either.

  4. I once tried to walk my cat when I was 12, but it ended in what most people probably would call animal services for cat abuse - picture 12 year old me dragging a cat down the street by her leash and collar... I swear she was fine and I loved my cat! I just thought she'd enjoy the walk more than she did ;)
    I agree with the bows, I like the smaller ones on headbands but I would rather people pay attention to babe's cute face than a massive bow.

  5. Haha some cats think they are dogs and want to go for walks! I would never take Milo for a walk though. That's why I have a cat- so I don't have to walk him! I don't think dogs are better though! :) Different!

    I put bows on Audrey so people don't think she is a boy but I would never put a huge one on her head. How big are we talking?

    Crap, did I forget to do something I said I would do? I know what you mean though. Do you remind them? Do you let it slide? Do you secretly hate them?

  6. Our cat is a little fat and our vet told us to exercise her. Instead of walking her we just put her food in a place that requires jumping and lots of stairs.

    I will totally put bows on my baby girl if I ever have one. But not giant ones. I don't think. I also don't get smocked clothing. I think it looks silly but it must be a southern thing because so many people do it!

  7. Hhaha I am not Southern but I've put a few bigger flowers/headbands on my baby girl. I think it's cute. The cat thing I don't get though, that is odd!! :)

  8. Hahaha... yeah, the cat walking is freaking cra-zy town. And I don't really understand the bow/headband thing for baby girls. I worry that it doesn't feel very good to the baby.

  9. Ha, the cat things is funny! I actually saw someone walking their cat in a stroller once!

    I don't understand the obsession with the game candy crush.

  10. Ugh, I agree about all of those things. Dogs are way better!

  11. I used to make hair accessories for girls. I never made the giant ones, but I once had somebody that wanted a 9 inch bow. NINE INCHES! For a baby! That is really big, bigger then most babies heads.

  12. It's a pet peeve when someone doest do something they said they would do!

    Mel's Corner

  13. I walk my cat on a leash, and for good reason. She loves to go outside, but I don't dare let her. We live in the river valley, and have a pack of coyotes running around. She wouldn't last a second. She was born a barn cat, and was used to being outside. I see no reason why to keep her cooped up and unhappy inside. If it keeps her happy, and improves her quality of life, I'm all for it. It doesn't bother me for one second what people think when they see me, Anna loves it. Her quality of life is what matters more to me. Besides, she thinks she's half dog anyways...she plays fetch, and loves belly rubs, comes when called, and howls at the door to go outside.



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