Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Training Tuesday: what's next?

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday {I know some missed reading my post in the morning...Erica! :) }, but I just wasn't feeling like blogging. It might have been the two hour nap I took on Sunday left me feeling all out of sorts. So worth it though!

Now that marathon training and day has come and gone, I am lacking motivation for my workouts. I went for a 10km run on Saturday, but my knee started to majorly bug me again. I finally decided to make an appointment on Thursday, so hopefully it gets sorted out quickly and the pain goes away. Until my knee heals, I am going to cut back on running. Even thinking about not running for a while, makes me want to cry. I didn't realize how much I loved running until it hurt to do so. 

On a running related note, the only race that I am signed up for right now is the Colour Run 5k at the end of this month. I am doing it as a fun run with a bunch of friends and can't wait for it :) If all goes well with my knee and it heals quickly, I have my eye on a couple of races. I am looking at running Melissa's Race, Harvest Half or one of the half marathons through MEC (only $15...can't beat that!).

Until the knee heals, I've been doing lots of Insanity workouts. I haven't done them in a long time and I forgot how much they can make you sweat for an at home workout without weights!

Tell me: have you ever had issues with your knees? What kind of workouts are you doing lately? 


  1. My knee really bothered me after my first marathon. Never had a problem with it before that in training. I did 6 weeks of elevation, compression and icing (every day), and slooooow runs (because I was still going to do another marathon so I had to keep up the endurance) so I didn't aggravate it and it got better on it's own.

    I love taking running breaks though. I mean, I hate losing endurance but the breaks are really nice.

  2. I have a problem with my knees that I've especially noticed after pregnancy. I've been told by one of my Crossfit coaches that I need to work on some strengthening exercises for them but of course I never remember to.

    My workouts are the usual Crossfit

  3. I hope you knee heals up!! I love insanity workouts! My parents are doing it right now!

  4. I have a bad knee and I hate when it acts up! I hope yours heals quickly!

  5. Thanks for posting :o)
    I hope your knee heals fast and am sorry that it is still giving you trouble!! You pushed amazingly through the last miles of the marathon, especially with a bum knee. I used to have pretty bad ITB pain along my right knee.I took all last week off from running post-marathon then did an easy 10K on the weekend. I am still contemplating signing up for a Tri so am going to get back into running this week and add some biking and swimming as well :o)

  6. I am sorry to hear your knee is bugging you. :( I used to have knee problems years ago and it was called patella femoral. I had to take some time away from running and then when I got back to running, I had to be very diligent about foam rolling my quads and IT band as tightness there was tweaking my knee. I hope the doctor has an answer for you and it's a speedy recovery!

  7. I have been lucky enough not to ever have knee issues but I have had other running issues and it SUCKS. I find a lot of issues tend to crop up after a big race like a marathon. Take more REST and be nice to yourself! Hopefully your back to your normal running schedule soon!

  8. I had IT band issues that bothered the side of my knee from my hip being out. What kind of appointment do you have? I haven't had an issue since I've been adjusted regularly but I also haven't run farther than 12K since March.

    Sign up for Harvest Half! I just signed up. It's a great course. It sells out quickly though so make sure you sign up before mid July. You can add them on FB and they let you know how close they are to being sold out.


    What time is your CMR wave? I'm at 9am. Did you get the email about the no parking on-site?



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