Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Europe 2013: London

After our first couple of days in Wales, we caught a train from Cardiff into London. Before our trip, I was searching for a place to stay and decided to find somewhere through Airbnb, which was a great experience. We stayed in someone's flat in a separate bedroom and had our own really nice bathroom. The flat was less than ten minute walk to the metro and was really centrally located. Plus, the owners were a fun German couple, who had traveled the world for fourteen months. It was neat to hear their stories! If anyone is looking for a place in London, this is where we stayed.

The views from the bedroom
The bedroom we stayed in
 After dropping off our bags at the flat, we headed out to see some of the sights. We took the metro to the Big Ben and London Eye. From there, we decided to walk along the river and walked all the way to the Tower Bridge. It was quite the walk, but it was a perfect day for it :)

Mr.D and the London Eye
Myself and Big Ben
Oh I forgot to mention the crazy crowds!
Tower Bridge

The next day, we enjoyed breakfast at the flat and then headed out to see the changing of the guards ceremony. We arrived close to 30 minutes before it started, and we were so glad we did! There was so many people! It was neat to see, but we ended up leaving a bit before the end because the crowds were too crazy for us.

After the changing of the guards ceremony, we headed out to find this restaurant that Mr.D and his mom had ate at almost seven years prior. With only Mr.D's general recollection of where it was and a picture of the outside, we luckily were able to find it. I think Mr.D was in heaven!

The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering around Piccadilly Circus, Covent Gardens and Portobello Road, which had tonnes of cool little shops. We ended up sitting on a patio having a drink and people watching for a while. 

Piccadilly Circus

Fun car on Portobello Road
Overall, we both really enjoyed London. The metro was easy to use and there was lots of stuff to see. We would definitely recommend the flat that we stayed in if you are ever in London :)

Next up....Paris


  1. So awesome!! I loved the changing of the guards, it was neat and also all the pigeons in Piccadilly, were there lots? Looks like an awesome time. Silly Mr. D :)

  2. What an amazing trip! Can't wait to hear about the rest of it!!

  3. I would way rather stay at someone's place like that vs a hotel, especially when they have tons of stuff to share.
    Love seeing your trip recaps, keep them coming!

  4. I would love to see London. I tried so hard to make a stop there when I went to Ireland but it just didn't work.

  5. Neat! What a good idea for accommodations.

    That's awesome that you found the restaurant that Mr. D ate at years ago! Was the food as good as he remembered?

    Changing of the Guards would be neat. I've seen it in Quebec City but I imagine it's must grander in London.

    I detest large crowds.

  6. Fun! I love London so much! I was terrified of pick pocketers at the changing of the guard. So many people warned us about them.

  7. Looks like a blast. I'm jealous.

  8. Ack, this makes me miss London. That was my first international trip and I have such fond memories of the week that I spent there. I loved here "mind the gap" when riding the tube and it was an easy first international trip as I didn't have to battle a language barrier. It looks like you had a great time and it also looks like the weather cooperated!!! Hooray!

  9. Looks like you had a great time in London! I saw many of the same things there this summer and loved it as well (mental note, start writing posts from my own trip) Tower Bridge was on of my favourite things! we were lucky enough to be there to see it open for a ship to pass through!

  10. FUN! London was one thing that we did not include in our Europe Trip. We were able to get cheaper flights in and out of Paris. I do want to visit London one day though!!

  11. I have to go there someday!!

  12. Totally bookmarking the place you stayed in London. :-)



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