Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Europe 2013: Wales

Since our trip was three weeks long, I'll break our trip into multiple posts. That just means more room to post lots of pictures, which is the best part! :)

We left on the Saturday afternoon flying from Calgary into London (Gatwick). We arrived early on the Sunday morning (around 6am...yuck!). Once we had our bags, we hopped on the train to Wales. It was about a three hour trip with lots of stops along the way. We arrived in Llantwit around 1pm and Mr.D's friends picked us up from the train station. The reason we were heading to Wales was because Mr.D had played rugby there for six months before we met and still had friends living there.

The afternoon was spent catching up with our friends and then we headed to a BBQ at the rugby club that they kindly put on for us. Mr.D loved having the chance to see friends he had made there and played rugby with. 

Mr.D and the boys

The next day we drove into Cardiff to tour around. The weather wasn't the greatest, so we spent time in the mall dodging the rain storms. 

S & I in front of the Cardiff market

The sun was finally shining the next day, so we headed to Tenby which is a cute beach town in SW Wales. It was a fun day enjoying the sunshine, beach and friends. 

Mr.D and I

The lovely beach

The four of us

The next day, we enjoyed breakfast in Llantwit, last minute hanging out with our friends and then they drove us into Cardiff to catch our train to London. A great way to start our trip!

Next up...London


  1. Do you have any suggestions or tips for first time Europe travellers??

  2. Once that sky cleared, what a beautiful blue! Gorgeous!

  3. Love the pic of you and Mr. D!! Soo cute!!

  4. Ohhhh I want to go! Looks so great!! And good weather too!

  5. That does sound like an AWESOME way to start your trip! I remember at the start of our Europe trip we met up with a friend from high school in Amsterdam and hung out with him for a day and evening and it was really nice to do that at the beginning of the trip since we were in an unfamiliar country.

    I'm SO glad you're back to blogging by the way! Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip!

  6. Oh it looks so beautiful!! We took the train from London to Wales on our way to Ireland and it took us 8 hours because 2 of the trains we were on BROKE DOWN and we had to wait for a new train to come get us. MAN was it terrible. Glad your trip there was better!!

  7. I never knew B played rugby in Wales! That's sooo cool! That's awesome that you were able to include a visit to see friends on your trip.

    It looks like a beautiful place!!

    Welcome back- to Canada and blogging! :)

  8. Oooooh, this makes me want to go to Europe so bad!

  9. ooh, I like that 2nd last pic of the streets, it looks really cool :)

  10. Wow, I did not know Mr. D played Rugby over there! Not that I would know that since I don't know much about Mr. D but that is seriously cool! I bet it was fun to catch up with his old friends and return to an area he is familiar with. Sounds like a great start to your trip. Can't wait to read more (and see more pictures!!)



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