Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Even though I was just off for three weeks, I am excited that the weekend is here :) Here are my five things for today:

(1) It's a long weekend in Canada (maybe it is in the states too?) and I am excited to have a three day weekend! The weather is actually looking really nice, so hopefully it stays that way.

(2) I was coming into the house last night after CrossFit and dropped my iphone on our cement steps. Womp screen shattered on the bottom left corner. Luckily, I can still use it. I am eligible for a free upgrade, but I wasn't planning on getting a new phone yet. Does anyone know if you can change your number to another phone with the same company? Mr.D has an iphone that works perfectly fine and is with the same company as mine, so I was thinking about just seeing if I could switch the phones.

(3) I am not quite ready for summer to be over yet (I hate when it gets dark early!), but I am excited for fall tv to start again. Homeland, Sons of Anarchy, etc. There goes all my free time, haha.

(4) Has anyone ordered a photo book from Blurb before? I really want to make one from our Europe trip instead of printing a butt load of pictures, but wasn't sure about the quality. 

(5) That's all I have for today, so happy Friday and have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh man, I'm really wishing I had cable because I got hooked on SOA and Homeland from Netflix and I don't know how I'm going to watch them when they start up again!!

    My mom has used Blurb and had some really great books made for my best friends wedding in Mexico. I plan to make Liam a photo book of his first year.

  2. I've heard blurb is good!! :D

  3. YAY for Fall shows!!! :) Boo to your iphone! :(
    I use photobook canada and love it. I have also used shutterfly. I am so not ready to say goodbye to summer either!! BUT I do love fall. :)

  4. I switched phones from blackberry to iPhone with the same number and company. No fees or anything.

    I've never used blurb before!

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  5. you might even be able to change the phones online by just entering the serial number and registering it to your number. I know I can do that on Bell...but it might be easier to just go into the store and have them do it.

    I've never done it, but I have heard that blurb is good.

  6. should be able to switch phones no problem, with non iphones you can do it at home by swapping the sim card, iphones i think you have to bring in to have them opened up. Haven't tried blurb, but made a photo book from my trip to italy last year, so much better than printing, and organizing photos

  7. It's a long weekend here in the states, too, which I am so excited for. I need an extra day away from work to rest and recuperate!

    Bummer about your iPhone. In the US you can take your number to a new provider so hopefully that is the case in Canada, too. My 4 is so slow, I would like to upgrade but I have an unlimited data plan and when I upgrade, I won't because they took that option away. I don't even know how much data I use though, so it might be a non-issue...

  8. Long weekend here too :) sadly im working thru Sunday. Have a great weekend girl

  9. I haven't used Blurb, but I have used SnapFish, and have made 2 books with them. I was happy with the quality, found the price fair, and it was easy to use. However, that being said, these are the only 2 photo books I've had made, so I can't really compare to other companies.

  10. I don't like that it is getting dark early either ... and we don't do daylight savings here, which is weird.

  11. I'm not sure who you're with but when we were with Telus Eric lost his iPhone 4 and my mom gave him her old iPhone 3 and he had no problem setting it up on his account!

    If you're eligible for a free upgrade anyways I would definitely hold out for a couple of months until the 6 comes out if you can!

  12. Hi Leigh,
    I used Blurb for the little lady's 1'st year book and it turned out great - nice hardcover with good quality interior pages. As long as the quality of the images you are uploading is high, you should be good. I also found it easy to customize the layouts, which was nice.

    Have fun with it!



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