Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Europe 2013: Rome

After enjoying a couple days in Barcelona, we were off to Rome! We took a flight from Barcelona to Rome, which was easy. We did have to wait a while to get our bags, but after that, it was off to catch the train. We took the Leonardo Express (I think it was around 10 Euros/pp) and then too the metro to our hotel. We stayed at the Villa Pirandello, which was nice, clean and had a great breakfast every morning. The only negative was that it was set a bit out of the busy areas, so you do have to take the metro to get to the sights. 

Once we dropped our bags off in our room and cooled off in the AC (it was HOT while we were there), we decided to walk to the Trevi fountain which was about 3kms away from our hotel. On our way, we stopped for some dinner and made the worst choice ever for food. It ended up being very expensive and a tourist trap, but we were hangry and needed to eat asap. Once our bellies were full of the disappointing food, we continued our walk to the Trevi fountain. Once we got there, we stayed long enough to take a picture and we were out of there! It was so, so, so busy and I am not a crowds person at all.

I wish I would have taken a picture of the crowds!
After quickly leaving the area, we decided to just keep walking and ended up by the Colosseum. We ended up sitting on a bench in the area watching people and taking it all in before heading back to our our hotel.

This picture makes it look not busy at all
 The next day started with a wonderful breakfast at the hotel and then we were off to some more exploring. We took the metro and headed to the spanish steps, which were neat. I think we got there around 11am, and we were already sweating!

After the Spanish steps, we made our way to the pantheon and took in other neat sights around the city.

After a cool down in our hotel, we headed out to try and find a pizza place that Mr.D had found on the internet. After walking in the hot sun, we arrived at the restaurant only to find it was randomly closed! We were both so mad. I guess a lot of the locals take holidays in August, which meant that so many places were closed. The only positive thing about the restaurant being closed was that we ended up just buying meat and buns from a small grocery store and sat in this random square eating our lunch and people watching. It was kind of nice :)

That night, we attempted to find two more restaurants for dinner only to have them be closed on us as well. We were both so mad! We randomly saw this place while walking to the pantheon earlier that day, so we decided to head back there. It ended up being a great choice as the food was delicious and relatively cheap! 

After dinner gelato :)
The city of Rome is neat and has LOTS of history, but it was our least favourite place that we went to. It was so hot, lots of tourists, lots of stuff was closed and expensive. I know a lot of that had to do with the time of the year that we went, but I doubt that we will be back. 

Next up...Cinque Terre


  1. Good to know! Sucks about lots being closed. So different than here.

  2. Really good to know... glad you found some back up places to eat! I canNOT wait to see your cinque terre pictures!

  3. Love that lat photo of you, so pretty. Any place with good gelato has got to be an ok place! :)

  4. Rome is a place I want to see once but doubt I would go back to more than once. That is a bummer that you encountered so many closed restaurants! I have always found it interesting that European shop or restaurant owners can close up shop like that!

  5. Lots of tourists can be a big negative, Stephan hates it, its why he won't go into Banff anymore.
    Sorry to hear that so many places were closed, and that it wasn't the best part of your trip :(

  6. I also was NOT impressed with Rome. It was the place I was most excited to go to on my Europe trip and it was TERRIBLE! I may have had high expectations but after a few bad turn of events (that I can't even remember anymore), I ended up crying over ice cream and leaving immediately. I keep thinking if I went back it would be better but then I keep reading posts like this about how it wasn't so great. Still great to have been there and all the ruins all around was pretty awesome eh?

  7. The history looks pretty neat and I felt the same about Madrid. Granted we were only there for 2 shorts days but it was so hard to find somewhere to eat, it was hot, people were rude and I was just done.

    Rome is one of those places that I would like to see at some point but it's definitely not super high on the must-see places.

  8. So weird. I was just talking with my friend last week and she told me specifically not to travel to Rome in August because of everything being closed. Good to know. And interesting it was your least favorite. I hate crowds too though and I don't think you can get away from them in places like that.

  9. That is such a bummer! My visit to Rome was awesome and we loved it. Granted, we went in May so there were fewer tourists everywhere. We happened upon a few great restaurants. Some that Rick Steves recommends and others we just found. I definitely want to go back. Rome has such crazy drivers, which was funny and roaming around the streets late at night is one of my fav memories there.

  10. We visited Rome twice, we spent one night there and then after three nights on the Amalfi coast we spent two more nights in Rome. Our second taste of Rome was MUCH better than the first (especially since we got robbed the first night we were there!) but I'm glad we gave it a second chance. That said I doubt we'll ever go back. I loved other places in Italy WAY more!



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