Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday

Ah, the day that everyone works towards...Friday! Nothing beats knowing you don't have to go to work for two days. Here are my five things on this wonderful Friday:

{one} I went for a massage on my lunch hour on Tuesday and it was so good! Definitely worth giving up my lunch hour for that.

{two} I'm running my first race since my marathon in May tomorrow and am kind of nervous for it! Not to mention it's a 15km race and I've never raced that distance. Oh and did I mention that I'm running a half marathon the next two weekends? Maybe I signed up for too many races.

{three} Mr.D always asks for a birthday list so he knows what I actually want, but I'm struggling to think of stuff this year. What would you put on your birthday list? Any good ideas for me?

{four} If you haven't been watching a show called The League, get on it! It's honestly one of the funniest shows I've watched in a long time!

{five} Do you know what drives me insane about having long hair? Not the amount of time it takes me to do it, but rather how much hair gets stuck in my butt crack after a shower. Am I doing something wrong or does this happen to other people?!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. ha ha you crack me up!! I don't have this problem with my hair!! ha
    Good luck with your race - you love to over register for races, it's your thing! :)

  2. LOL! I have super long hair, but don't have this problem. I usually brush it before I get into the shower, to get out any hairs that are going to fall out. And when I am in the shower, I usually run my fingers through it a few more times to get out any more hairs. And I normally keep it all over my shoulder to one side, and not running down my back. I really don't like fallen hair touching me lol. I am weird like that.

  3. BAHA. I don't share your hair problem, sorry :P

    I like experience birthday stuff so I asked Eric to take me somewhere for my birthday this year (but not too expensive since we're saving for a trip to Ireland and Scotland in May!) and he took me on a winery tour. We did a tasting flight and then he bought me/us three bottles of wine. It was awesome!

    If I was asking for stuff I'd ask for something from Five Bamboo as I've been lusting over their clothes lately!

  4. Bahahaha... I've never had that issue. :) I like that Mr. D asks you for your list. The manfriend never thinks that far ahead. I would probably ask for something like another massage or facial, a fancy/fun dinner and drinks out or maybe some kind of little weekend getaway. Lately, I've been wanting more experiences, although there are always things (namely cute clothes) that I want.

  5. #5 = why you are one of my favourite bloggers LOL. I will occasionally get a hair stuck in there, but not on a regular basis. It's a weird feeling.

    For my birthday I really want a Michael Kors bag, a pair of brown riding list could go on since there are a lot of things I want/need right now, haha

  6. Leigh's birthday gift ideas
    plane tickets to come home and visit her mother
    and her brothers
    but no butt hair please

  7. That is awesome that you got a massage over your lunch break! I bet you were super relaxed and refreshed when you got back to work!

    I have actually started my Christmas list in my notes ap on my iPhone because usually when my mom asks for a list, I draw a blank! So far I have a spoonrest, mocassin style slipper, and starbucks gift cards on the list!

  8. An hour long massage sounds amazing! I really need to book one.

    I find Christmas and birthday lists so hard. On mine I would put pandora charms, lululemon gift certificate, Kobo gift card, new watch, new stud earrings, new shoes, coffee thermos, water bottle with straw, slippers, Michael Kors bag. I should really write this list down somewhere else for myself!

    Yes, I have the hair in the butt crack problem too. You think it's bad now, wait until postpartum hair loss! It's nasty!

  9. LOL, love #5, haha! You're not alone :-)



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