Friday, September 27, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone! The sun is supposed to come out again today and it's supposed to be warm(er) again, so I am glad it's Friday.

{one} I found a great wooden side table on Kijiji the other day and am hoping to repaint it, but I have no idea where to start. Does anyone have any experience or helpful hints? This is what I am hoping it comes out like:

{two} Fall tv is back and is awesome! That is all.

{three} Random question- would you use someone else's tooth brush whether it be a friend, boyfriend, husband, etc? I've definitely used Mr.D's in a pinch, but can't say that I would use a friend's toothbrush. That's just a little too much for me.

{four} Mr.D is running his first half marathon on Saturday and I am excited for him! He's probably going to kick my ass. Fingers crossed for nice weather in the mountains on Saturday.

{five} Things I will never "like" on Instagram:

  • your daily workout selfie
  • pictures of food unless it's a delicious looking brownie or ice cold Diet Coke
  • pictures with a million and one useless hashtags
  • your almost daily picture of your Garmin, Polar heart rate monitor, etc
 Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I can't bring myself to use anyone else's toothbrush. Blech! Something about it just grosses me out.
    Are you running this weekend as well?

  2. LOVE that table! What color are you thinking? My only tips are doing the prep properly and most importantly (you can learn from my mistake here) do multiple thin coats of paint and sand in between each one.
    I would not use anyone's toothbrush but I have been very close to using Chad's by accident but always catch myself before I use it.
    Good luck to Mr.D!!

  3. Have a good run tomorrow - I hope it's nice like today is!! I'm excited for your table make over. Does it need fixing or just new paint?
    I have used J's toothbrush but wouldn't use anyone elses...I may have used Jeff's by accident or him used mine by accident as he color blind but no on purpose!!

  4. Can't say I would share a toothbrush!! I mean maybe Ms if I had to, but nope, I'd buy a new one of possible! Hope you guys have a good run! Can't wait to see how the table turns out! Check out chalk paint, I hear its super durable and comes in a ton of colors

  5. I have no tips! So far we like the chalk paint from Van Gogh since the prep is pretty minimal but we haven't done the last coat of the top colour, the distressing or the waxing yet so I can't say for sure! I'm sure it will look great when it's done!

    I wouldn't use someone elses, even my husband's tooth brush. Yuck! If I forget mine I just use my finger and toothpaste if I can't buy another one.

    I don't mind the occasional workout selfie, or food picture but when it's all the time I just glaze over.

    Good luck to B tomorrow! He will rock it!

  6. This reminds me of a scene in a TV show I like. Couple has been having a tough time, and he asks if there's anything else he needs to know. She cops to using his toothbrush. The one he kept in his foot locker? Yes. "I never used that for brushing my teeth."

    I'd probably do without, or do the toothpaste on the finger trick. But if I really had to I could, if it started as Calgary bone dry.

  7. You crack me up girl. Glad I dont post that many selfies. And on the toothbrush topic, I would use the hubs in a bind, but thats the extent of that haha

  8. I couldn't uses any one else's toothbrush. Not at all!

  9. I would NEVER use someone else's toothbrush. Not even a boyfriends! I am so squeemish about things like toothbrushes, though!

    Good luck to Mr. D on his first half. I am sure he will do awesome!!

  10. You list of things you'll never like made me laugh out loud. I'm right there with you!!!

    And I'd never share a toothbrush.

  11. I've used Eric's toothbrush a few times before. Doesn't bother me. How is it different/more gross than sticking your tongues in each others mouths, or even just kissing on the lips? Hehe :) I would NOT use a friend or even a family members though.

  12. Oooh, love that table! NO idea on suggestions for you, but youtube or just google search and you'll find something! Make sure you show a picture of how it turns out :)



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