Tuesday, September 24, 2013

MEC race #6: race report

I can't even remember when I signed up this race, but you can't beat $15 for a race! Plus I had never run a 15km race and it worked perfectly for my half marathon training, so I figured why not :)

On Saturday morning, I was up just after 7am to get ready and make my way down south for the race start. The race was scheduled to start just after 9am and started in Fish Creek Park (by Sikome Lake), which meant a 40 minute drive for me {side note- it's crazy that you can drive for 40 minutes and still be in the city!}. I ended up getting to the race start around 8:30am and hung out in my car as it was chilly. The race ended up being delayed because the porto potties were late to arrive, so they let everyone have a chance to use them. Before I knew it, I was lining up with all of the 15k runners and we were off! 

Race start before lots of people arrived. Borrowed the picture from MEC Calgary
The race was an out and back within Fish Creek Park. I had never run in that area before and I will definitely be back! There was about 100 people who ran the 15k, so it definitely thinned out in parts. I was using this race as a training run, so I tried to keep it steady and finish under 5:45/km avg pace. I ended up finishing in 1:26:06 (average pace of 5:42/km) and was pretty happy with that!

Since the race is only $15, it is pretty no frills. But they do have chip timing, which is great! If you are looking for a no frills and cheap race, there are still two more races this year (one in October and one in November). Check out the MEC website for more information :)


  1. That part of Fish Creek is where I run all the time. It's just down from my house :)
    You are always welcome to make the trek down there to run!

  2. You are speedy! :) Love that area!

  3. I've biked down around Sikome, but haven't run there. There is all kinds of awesome running in Fish Creek. If I could ever get drop off and pickup arranged, it would be fun to run Fish Creek end to end, from the Ivor Strong bridge to the top of the hill near 37 st.

  4. I love that area! You will definitely be running there again soon- in 10 days! That's where the Harvest Half is. The road down into Sikome Lake is the "big hill" at 17K. I used to live right by there and I miss running/biking down there.

    I keep meaning to sign up for a MEC race but never got around to it. I probably will next year when I want to get back into it and don't want to spend a ton on race fees.

    Good job on your speedy 15K!

  5. Its also down by my house too! I bike there all the time :) There are a lot of great and beautiful parks for you to go running in. And you should get a map and check out the rest of fish creek, its huge, and so much to discover!

  6. $15 for a race is SUCH a steal! Most of the races I have signed up for the last 2 years have been so expensive. I never seem to encounter less expensive races like this! You did great!

  7. Thanks for coming to the race. Great time too. Nice and controlled. Hope to see you at the next one too!



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