Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My fellow lady runners

After my race on Saturday, a few things came to mind that I really need to talk to my fellow lady runners about.

{one} over the shoulder bolder holders

Please, please, please invest money into a supportive sport bra. I've noticed multiple women that were almost getting black eyes from running and all I could think of was how sore their ladies must be after a run. I am not a large chested women (usually between a B or C) and I love support! It also means one less thing to think about while running.

Here is a great post from Healthy Tipping Point on some sport bras.
Here is another great post from Runners World

{two} coloured tights

Don't get me wrong on this one, I love the coloured tights trend, but I think they are better for yoga, strength training, step class, etc rather than running long distance. This point comes about after seeing a girl with some very noticeable sweat marks in a terrible location after a half marathon. Sure, she could have been a really sweaty runner, but a good pair of black tights or shorts will solve this problem.

 {three} VPL (aka visible panty lines)

I will admit that I am a commando working out/running type of person, which I know isn't for everyone. But I cringe when I see terrible panty lines giving ladies a terrible lump on their butt while running. A thong or no undies will solve that problem for you :)

This isn't meant to be a negative post towards lady runners....I say good for you for getting out there and running! It's not easy to start, but so worth it once you get into it!

Tell me: anything you want to say to your fellow lady runners?


  1. ha ha we just talked about some of this. Totally agree - especially to the good bra. I feel so bad for some ladies boobs. Gotta hurt. Another thing is hair down - put it in a pony tail!

  2. Lol. I do not get why girls would not wear a good, supportive bra when running. I have bras just for running vs yoga and weight training because the running ones have way more support. Point 2 on the colored pants I 100% agree. I love them but do not buy them for that exact reason. I only have black and grey, and even the grey is iffy sometimes.
    And to Alison's point yes hair up! I do not understand how girls run with hair flopping everywhere.
    My last point relates to the bra one, keep the tanks appropriate, we do not need to see 80% of your boobs!.

  3. Ha ha! I agree with all of these AND the hair up thing too. The other night I saw a girl running with it down and was wondering how (and why) the heck she does it.
    I could probably add - ladies that are out for a group run running side by side all in a row and refuse to move when you are trying to get by. I'm sorry to interupt your conversation...

  4. For what it's worth, a guy's perspective. Read back through Runner Leana's posts and you'll find an actual test of how sport bras differed in water absorbtion. It was one of the first things of hers that I read, and it was fascinating. Maybe she will post a link.
    I agree, get the support that's right for you. It's a bit disconcerting to be out for a run, and see that much motion. Yes, that means spend the money.
    In a related topic, most women hate their abs only marginally less than their butt. They aren't as bad as you think. Either of them.
    Go for the basic black tights or shorts. Triathlon in particular has some unfortunate colour combinations. I mind one pair that had black down the inside of the thighs, and white on the outside. The image of them running to the finish line looked very disturbing, as if the only thing he was wearing was a sock. Then a woman in very similar shorts ran in, and it looked even worse.
    As for underwear, comfort is more important than looks, 100 times out of 100, and that goes for guys too.
    The hair in a ponytail is a good indication of how good a runner she is. If the hair is flopping around, then so is her head. There's several women running past my place and their hair has minimal bounce, straight up and down. I could never keep up, not even to the one pushing the stroller.
    Now lets get onto my soapbox. Perfume and makeup. Why on earth are you putting it on before a workout or a race? There is an honesty to fresh sweat, and it doesn't smell bad. (Stale, however, I don't think I need to discuss,) Sweat streaked makeup is not attractive in the slightest. When the perfume overpowers the pool smell, WHILE IN THE POOL, you know something is badly wrong.

  5. Yes to all! I could say that about bras in general though. It amazes me how many women wear ill-fitting bras on a daily basis. Strap the girls down!

    Oh man- the coloured tights was a problem at SeaWheeze. I love how they look but they are not meant for long runs or sweaty runners. This poor girl had a very sweaty butt crack and some other runners approaching her loudly made comments about it. I hope her music was loud enough so she didn't hear them. How embarrassing.

    I'm a thong wearer, all the time. Can't quite go commando but I hate panty lines or wedgies. I had to break down and buy sexy granny panties for postpartum and I was never so happy to get back into my thongs.

    As for Keith's comment about wearing makeup before a race or workout- I fully admit to wearing makeup while racing. 1) I want to look someone decent in photos and 2) my face goes a nasty shade of red/purple when I run so I need all the help I can get to cover that up. That being said, I never wear makeup while swimming/triathlon since the water just washes it off or streaks it all over the place.

  6. i agree on everything except the VPL. I cannot wear a thong and run long distances...just isn't happening for me. However, they make amazing no-show, workout underwear now ladies hahaha INVEST.

  7. THE HAIR! I don't understand how some ladies run with their hair down. But I gotta disagree.
    Don't judge me on my VPL. When I'm running, I want to be comfortable, and sometimes that means VPL because the thong just doesn't work for me and sometimes even a no-show shows.
    (Lauren - any brand suggestions?)

  8. I admit I'm guilty of having panty lines because personally I find going commando to be weird.

    The makeup thing I'm half guilty for, not that I put it on right before running or working out, but because I can't be bothered to take it off before hand.

  9. Lol. I only wear running shorts that have the built in underwear so I hope those don't give me pantie lines, but I never look at my behind so I could be one of those offenders!

    I would like to say that I don't like running skirts. I am sure you have readers who wear them, so no offense to anyone. I am a very girlie girl and love wearing skirts and dresses - just not when I am running!

  10. The sweat marks get to me too. I always wear black pants, ALWAYS!!! I am a commando girl too, way more comfortable!!



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