Thursday, October 10, 2013

Harvest Half marthon: race recap

Last Saturday, I ran the Harvest Half Marathon (and half marathon number 10!) for the first time. I volunteered at it two years ago and thought I would run it this year. It definitely did not disappoint and I know that I will be running it again!

The package pick up was a week before the race, so I zipped over on my lunch break to pick up my package. When I showed up just before 1pm (when the package pick up started), there was already a large line up. Luckily, the volunteers showed up shortly and the line went fairly quickly.

On race morning, my mom and I left my house around 6:45pm to make the drive down south for the race start. We ended up parking by the Value Village, which is just a short walk to the race start. It was pretty chilly waiting for the race to start, but ended up being a perfect temperature for running. Just before the start, I saw Nicole and Cori and we wished each other good luck before it was time to run! I had planned on running with Erica, but had no luck finding her before the race. Luckily I spotted her just a couple hundred metres into the race.

The theme for this race should be HILLS! Shortly after the start, you make the first climb into the residential area and before heading into Fish Creek Park. There are a couple hills in Fish Creek Park before it flattens out for about 7kms until the REALLY big hill coming out of Sikome Lake. Erica and I ran together until she went off course around kilometer ten to make a previous commitment. After she left, I picked up the pace as I was feeling strong. The hill at kilometer 17 slowed me down (I walked part of it), but picked it up after the hill.

Before I knew it, I was getting close to the finish and could hear the crowd cheering. I pushed it for the last hundred metres and finished in 1:58:52. I finished 44 out of 122 women in my age category and 348 out of 816 people. 

Overall, pretty happy with my race considering I ran a half marathon the weekend before too!


  1. AWESOME job! This looks like a great race. Maybe next year I will run it too. I love fall races.

  2. 10 halfs wow!!! Impressive! Congrats, great time and place. :)

  3. You are pretty amazing!!

    Erica left the course midway? I find that so funny!

    Your race pictures are great! No more swinging ponytail though.

    I thought this one was #10 for me too but it's only #9. You are going to get way ahead of me now! :)

  4. Nice work - sub 2 and so close to another half you ran recently! That is impressive! You look awesome in all of your race photos. Glad you had a great race!



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