Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Highlights of the weekend

Happy Tuesday everyone! How was your Thanksgiving for those Canadians? Mine consisted of gorgeous fall weather, lots of food and time spent with family.

{friday} Mr.D went biking with a friend, so I took Harley for a walk and then went to the mall. I am having zero luck shopping lately. I either don't like anything in the stores or feel like I am between sizes. Who wants to go shopping for me?!

{saturday} we made the drive to Mr.D's parents house, which is three hours away. We took Harley for a walk down in the river valley and the weather was perfect for it! Later on, we dropped by our friend's house to visit with them and meet their baby. After our visit, we met up with Mr.D's parent's at a local pub, where friends of theirs were playing in a band. Sad to say that my in-laws stayed out WAY later than Mr.D and I. We were in bed by 11pm! Haha, so lame.

{sunday} in the morning, I took Harley for a 11km run. Near the end of our run, I spotted a coyote so we quickly got out of that area! The rest of the day was spent helping with dinner, spending time with family and eating lots of good food :)

{monday} we left early in the morning as Mr.D had plans to go biking again with a friend. After he left to go biking, I went to get some groceries, did some cleaning, and took Harley for a long walk. It was another gorgeous fall day in Calgary!

Just in case anyone was wondering, Harley loves tomatoes! The little devil cleared my MIL's garden of the left over ones. Jokes on him though because apparently he doesn't chew them, so however it goes in, it comes back out that way. Probably way too much information, but still hilarious!

Tell me: how was your weekend? Did you eat lots of good food?!


  1. I will go shopping for you. lol. I want everything right now, probably since I cannot have it. I am planning on a mini shopping spree in late Dec, early Jan in Calgary, we might need to meet up for it!
    The weather was so nice this weekend! We got some outdoor chores done to take advantage of it. Who knows when the snow will come now.

  2. Oh no Harley!! ha ha I will go shopping with you, although it will have to wait a while and see what this body is up to! But we often have luck together - or not!!
    Sounds like an awesome weekend. I love walks this time of year!! So pretty. LOVE your hair. Totally suits you.

  3. I hate shopping trips like that! I'm often between sizes or something that I think will look good one me doesn't suit my body type. Some days a personal shopper would be wonderful.

    Looks like you had a great time in Edmonton, minus the coyote encounter!

  4. I often come home from shopping empty handed these days. I don't like what's in style right now.

  5. Your hair is just fabulous. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving.

  6. Well I am often in bed even earlier than 11 pm on weekends - most often around 10 when I am in Charlotte! So I don't think that is lame at all! I am glad you had a great thanksgiving weekend! I spent my weekend in Chicago, as you know, and I had a blast. I ate a lot of yummy food and had the best time with good friends. It was just what I needed and definitely refilled my 'friendship tank' for awhile!

  7. Gorgeous pics Leigh! I love how you did those little collages!!

    I too am having no luck shopping lately, particularly for pants and new boots.

  8. Very beautiful pictures!

    I tried to be 'good' and not eat a crazy amount of food, LOL...but who can do that during Thanksgiving!? ;) Pumpkin pie is the best!

    Great blog!

  9. I did eat LOTS of great food last weekend but not in the form of Thanksgiving dinners, in the form of delicious food in Chicago :) I am kind of bummed I missed out on Thanksgiving dinner though and may have to recreate it in November around the American Thanksgiving like I did a few years ago.

  10. My weekend was awesome! We flew to Vancouver and ate a tonne of great food :-)



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