Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Melissa's Race: race report

When registration opened for this race earlier this year, I had no plans to run it. But, Mr.D's co-worker had a big and was going to sell it for half price, so I couldn't pass it up.

 Race morning

The race starts at 10:40am, so that gave us lots of time to drive out to Banff in the morning, pick up our shirts and get to the start. We left our house just after 8am and had no problems finding parking. We walked to the race start to grab our shirts {still don't get why they don't give them out at package pickup}, dropped them off at the car and then walked back to the race start. The morning was pretty chilly (around 2C), so we waited in the car for as long as we could.

The race

Before we knew it, it was time to line up, wish each other good luck and we were off! Mr.D had time goals faster than mine, so he quickly shot off ahead of me. For the first 10kms, I was feeling better good and was going much too fast for me. It was a total rookie mistake and my legs quickly petered out. The course takes you around two loops by the golf course before you climb back up to the start.  

The hardest part of this race was that they had kilometer signs starting around 7 or 8kms and my Garmin was quickly getting farther and farther off from the signs. At about the 16km sign, my Garmin said almost 17kms which was really throwing me off as I had no clue if the signs were off or if the Garmin was off. My Garmin ended up saying 21.78kms at the finish line. 

I'm not sure when the course changed, but from 2011, you have to go up and around by the Cave and Basin centre before heading back into the finish line. I wasn't expecting that and it along with the kilometer signs being off had me thrown for a loop mentally.

I ended up finishing with a time of 2:04:54. Definitely not my greatest race, but not bad considering I am doing three races in a row. And because I know no one cares about my time and only wants to know about Mr.D's, he finished right on 2 hours. He said that he started out too fast and died in the second half. But, I am still proud of him for keeping up with his training and for finishing the race.

After the race

After crossing the finish line, I went to meet up with Mr.D and his co-worker who had also run the race. Mr.D was already enjoying the free beers, haha. We quickly grabbed some food and made our way back to the car. Being super sweaty and having the cold wind meant I was ready for dry clothes right away!

Overall, it's a fun race to run as you can't beat running in the mountains all around you.


  1. Greta job! I saw your pics first and was confused since I did not think you were running it! Last minute races are fun :)
    I agree its a great race. I found that when I ran it in 2011 that my Garmin was over the 21km too.

  2. I love how focused you look in these pics, Leigh! Nice work.

  3. Good job! I hate when the kilometre markers are off. I see you carried lots of water this time! A bit of a change in weather from 2011. Good job Mr D in a race well done!

  4. Congrats to Mr. D! That is an awesome time, especially for his first. You are one speedy couple!! And you did a great job. Like you said, you've done races close together so I think considering that, your time is especially good!

  5. very inspiring! =) good job.

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  6. That's so awesome Mr. D has now done his first race!! And with a great time at that. I really want to do Melissa's one day but it falls around our super busy time at work so would be hard for me to get away.



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