Thursday, October 17, 2013

Three Things Thursday: getting to know you

Happy Thursday everyone! One day closer to Friday, which I know is what everyone works for anyways. Well, that and the pay cheque. For TTT today, I thought I would ask three questions to get to know my readers better.

{one} what would your last meal be?

{two} if you could move anywhere in the world, where would you move to?

{three} what video would you rather watch ten times in a row?


  1. I think I have to say sushi for my last meal.
    Tough one, I do love where I live but could do with warmer weather. I think I might stay just where I am but have a winter get away property somewhere warm and tropical.
    The Fox one lol.

  2. I'd want to have my dad's meatballs and spaghetti for my last meal.

    I'd move to the English or Italian countryside.

    The video for Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim is one I could watch over and over. Christopher Walken dancing is too funny.

  3. 1. A gyro, french fries with ranch dressing, and probably a giant cupcake.
    2. Since I haven't been everywhere in the world, I can only choose from the places that I've been that I think I would love. So...Reno, NV.
    3. What does the fox say. Because that video is freakin' amazing.

  4. Some sort of delicious pasta with garlic bread followed by all the chocolate.

    Hawaii or somewhere equally tropical and beautiful where I can live on the beach and surf the days away

    What does the fox say? Ring ding ding ding ding ding ding......

  5. Those questions are TOUGH!! I can only answer #2 ... Manhattan, hands down.

  6. Oh that's tough! Maybe sushi, poutine and a slice of my aunt's chocolate cake? Doesn't sound very good when combined though!

    Anywhere in the world? Either Paris or Barcelona. I would miss my family though.

    The Fox video. I've never seen it before! Yes, I like under a rock!

  7. hmm, #1 Last meal would be pizza for sure!

    #2 Probably Austrailia

    #3 If it doesn't have to be a music video I'd definitely pick the Talking dog video....LOL.

  8. #1 I would probably eat my mom's thanksgiving meal of Turkey, mashed potatoes, and her stuffing! And creme brulee for dessert.

    #2 My fantasy move would be to Paris, my real life desire is to move to Chicago or Minneapolis.

    #3 my internet won't let me play videos right now for some reason so I can't answer that!



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