Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Workout Wednesday

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My motivation to workout lately has been lacking, but I still managed to get some workouts in last week. I need something or someone to light a fire under my butt!

  • rest
  • 4.2km walk with Harley
  • deck of cards workout done at home. I did it with the following exercises: kettle bell swings, russian twists, switch lunges and clean & jerks
  • 5.4km {5:35/km pace} run 
  • CrossFit workout of:
AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 12 minutes of:

10 burpees
15 wallballs (used a 10lb ball)
20 pistols (10/leg)

  • walk with Harley
  • 4km walk with Harley and Mr.D in the river valley
  • 11km run with Harley
Overall, not a terrible week but not great either.
Tell me: how was your week of workouts?


  1. Great week! Working out is getting tough here, just walking on the treadmill can be brutal lol. However, weights are still going good for the most part as long as the belly does not get in the way too much.

  2. Still looks like a great week to me!! It feels strange to not be allowed to workout, not that I feel up to it yet but still!

  3. You are just coming off of two back to back half marathons! Sometimes your body and mind just need a break. Still pretty good.

    How long does a typical Crossfit workout take?

    I surprisingly had a good workout week. I took 3 days off in a row (one day was J's fault for not getting home in time) so I felt pretty guilty about that but then I worked out 4x in a row which is pretty unheard of for me lately. I think I'll take a rest day today!

  4. I worked out the last 2 days but my heart wasnt in it, def need more motivation and quick!

  5. yup, you still worked out more than me hahaha. getting back into it this week! Went to the gym monday and planning to go today as well!!

  6. that sounds pretty good!
    I am searching for the motivation to start working out again....
    Way to go!

  7. I'm still thinking about your 200 lb deadlift goal. Just thinking about that makes me feel like I'm throwing out my back. I don't think I've ever done more than 95lbs. Do you do just one? Is that the goal? Or do you do a lot of reps?

    You're not getting any younger missy! Get on that goal! ;-)

  8. You still had an awesome week of workouts, even if you don't feel very motivated. So good job on that! I did pretty good last week as I got up before work a couple of mornings and worked out on vacation. My workouts are still pretty lame since I am pretty restricted on what I can do, but it's better than nothing!



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