Monday, November 25, 2013

Highlights of the weekend

Sorry for dropping off the face of blogging last week....I was out of town for work again and didn't bring my laptop with me. I got home late on Thursday night and had no desire to do anything but sleep!

Let's see what we were up to this weekend:

{friday} the night was spent taking Harley on a walk, catching up on TV shows, and packing my bag again

{saturday} we were up early to drop Harley off with a friend who was watching him overnight. After we dropped him off, we made the three hour drive to Mr.D's home town. We met up with some friends as it Mr.D's good friends 30th birthday. We did a birthday WOD and then headed to my in-laws house for a quick visit. Later that night, we met up with our friends again for dinner at a Greek restaurant, which was quite the experience! They had a lady belly dancer that came around and it was quite the sight to see. After dinner, we headed back to a friend's house to play beer pong and cards against humanity. Seriously fun game! Not sure how I managed it, but we didn't get home until 3am. WAY later than I've stayed out in a long time.

{sunday} we were up around 8:30am and left shortly after to drive back home to get Harley. The rest of the day was spent having a glorious 3 hour nap, doing laundry and catching up on more TV shows.

A busy and tiring weekend, but still fun :)

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like you made up for lost time with friends you don't see often!! Glad you got to spend time with family as well!!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend!! Are you home for a while now?

  3. 3 am! Wow that is late! A birthday WOD? Does that mean Mr. D's friends are also into Crossfit?? Sounds like a busy weekend. Mine was busy as well - I went to the movie on Friday night, Saturday did some stuff around the house, walked Chloe and went on a Homes for the Holiday's tour with my mom and friend then spent Saturday evening putting up our Christmas tree and then Sunday I ran in the morning and worked in the afternoon and did more Christmas decorating in the evening!

  4. Wow. 3 AM? Impressive! I think the latest I have been up this year is maybe 1 am? I am terrible at staying up late. Sounds like a really fun weekend, though. Mine was fairly low key. I had lunch with a coworker and her boyfriend on Saturday and then attended a holiday party that night which was really fun. Besides that I worked out each day, packed, and did some reading and knitting. So all in all, it was a good weekend.

  5. I can't even remember the last time I stayed up until 3a.m.! LOL. I'm usually in bed absolutely no later than 11:30..... clearly the life of the

    I headed over to a friend's baby shower and ate way too much food after my long run yesterday. The evening was spent doing report cards :S A highlight was that I bought two new running books and have started to read one of them. :)

  6. My weekend was awesome! We stayed in Friday evening, and then went out Saturday, and Sunday watched our provinces football team win the biggest game in their 100+ year history.

  7. LOVE how the blog looks! Lazy Sundays are the best too :)

  8. all you need is love <3
    for u!

  9. Party animal!! Bet you dominated at beer pong!



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