Monday, December 16, 2013

Happiest of birthdays!

Do you know what today is? Well, not only is today December 16th it is also Mr.D's birthday! 

I just want to wish a very happy birthday to the most loving, caring, funny, supportive husband! I hope you have a fabulous day Mr.D and that Harley let you sleep in this morning :)


  1. Happy birthday Mr.D!!! We will have to celebrate soon and I will make you your fav brownies! :)

  2. Hope your birthday package found its way to you..... can't wait to see you in January... hope it was an amazing birthday Brian.

  3. Happy belated Birthday to Mr. D. I hope you guys had a fun day celebrating!!

  4. Oops! Missed your birthday! Happy belated day. I hope you had a great day!



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