Monday, December 2, 2013

The weekend

Happy Monday everyone! We are currently under a blizzard warning....oh winter in Canada, how wonderful you are ;) I wrote this post last night, so I am crossing my fingers that they were wrong, and we don't get 10-20cms of snow. I was actually starting to enjoy running outside again. 

{friday} we met up with Alison, Justin and Delainey for pizza at The Rock. It was great catching up with them and getting to see Delainey again. After dinner, we ran a couple of errands and then headed home. I quickly got into pj's (best part of the weekend!) and we watched a movie.

{saturday} we were off early in the morning to drop off the presents for my work. We adopted four seniors this year as a secret Santa, which was a neat idea. After dropping off the presents, we headed to Crossiron Mills. Mr.D's birthday is coming up and he wanted a couple things at the Reebok store. I lucked out and everything was 30% off, so we scored everything for a great price! I was also able to find a couple Christmas presents and things for myself too :) After the mall, we headed home and I took Harley for a 8.75km run. It was such a nice afternoon for a run! The rest of the afternoon and night were spent wrapping some presents, finishing our Christmas cards and hanging out.

{sunday} Mr.D and Justin were off early to go biking in the mountains (crazy boys!), so I headed out to get groceries and stop at Target. After that, I took Harley for a long walk and then decorated our Christmas tree. 

Another weekend that went by too quickly!

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend! Boo to all this snow. That pizza was delish!! Thanks again for the date!!

  2. I had a three day weekend because I had some overtime to use up on Friday but it went by WAY too fast. I find that weekends in December are similar to summer weekends in that they are never long enough! I did some running and yoga, put up our new tree and decorated it, did some more decorating around our house in general and we went to my moms and did some baking and decorating with her. Tried to do some Black Friday christmas shopping but the deals weren't THAT great and I didn't end up finding anything!

  3. Sounds like a great and productive weekend. I need to start wrapping, maybe this week!
    Love that your work adopted seniors, I think its just as sad when they do not get gifts etc, and find so many people forget about them :(
    We ran some errands, took advantage of sales and had a movie/lazy day yesterday.

  4. I just realized those were kettle bells in your header! ha LOVE it!!! And PS. Love that you adopted seniors too I am going to look into that now.

  5. I need to order our Christmas cards still this year!! Boo to more snow!! Yuck! I wish we had a good pizza place around here! Sounds like your weekend was fun though!!

  6. Oh goodness....I really hope we don't get any blizzard warnings any time soon!

    My weekend was spent doing two of my favourite things: Shopping & Running. :D P.J. nights are also my favourite!

  7. Hope you are staying warm! So jealous again of your dates with Alison and lil D :)

  8. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I hope that you did not get too much snow! I had a great weekend in Paris. I did a lot of walking around, went to a Christmas concert, and did a walking tour of an area I hadn't spent much time in. It was all so great!

  9. My weekend was awesome!! But ... I'm ready for another already!



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