Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rambling thoughts for your Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! I really didn't mean to drop off from blogging, but we didn't get home until later on Monday night from Mr.D's grandpas funeral and then I had no motivation to blog last night. Trying to get back into it, but I don't have much to say lately. So that's why you are getting a verbal diarrhea of a post from me today.

  • did you hear that it snowed in the south? Oh wait, how could you miss that as everything shut down ;) Haha for someone who grew up and lives in a snowy province, snow is nothing new. Wouldn't it be nice if everything shut down because of a couple of cms of snow?
  • On the topic of snow, it's snowing here again. And it's mighty cold. I'm ready for winter to be over now! Could someone put in a good word with mother nature pretty please?
  • marathon training officially started this week and the snow already screwed up my training plans. Anyone want to do hill repeats with me tomorrow night in -17C weather?
  • does anyone watch Shameless? If you don't, get on it already! Such an offside show, but so good!
  • I need some ideas for healthy snacks as I am getting sick of my go-tos lately. What are you go-to snacks?
  • I am trying to decide if I want to go to Hawaii for my cousins wedding in July....should I or shouldn't I? Mr.D won't be coming with me as he will be hopefully teaching summer school. Has anyone been and can say that I MUST go?
  • how the heck is January almost over?!

Tell me: something random!


  1. I hear Hawaii is amazing. So I would say GO!!! Then you can check it out and see if it's somewhere you can take Mr. D back to!
    I hate this weather too. Yuck! We are supposed to get nailed again this weekend. We have had more road closures this year already. But yes, I love how the south sends everyone home and shuts everything down!! That would be nice, although highly unpractical here I suppose! Lol.

  2. haha I went random today too! Must be that kind of a Thursday! ;)
    I am not sure if I've shared my fave healthy snack with you before, but my go-to is plain fat-free greek yogurt, a few teaspoons of Epicure's cran-apple cheeseball seasoning, and dip slices of Asian Pear in it. SO yum. I'm allergic to apples, and the Asian Pear is the closest thing I've come to finding something close to an apple that doesn't make me react.
    I'm just about done with the cold, too - don't mind the snow, but -25, I've had enough of you!!!!

  3. It's snowing like crazy and getting cold here again too. BOO! No excuses with the training though! I have ran in -32 before (though when I ran in -20 in December I was asking myself how I possibly ran in -32). Just layer up!

    And I say go to Hawaii! Will your family be going?? I haven't actually been to Hawaii but if you can afford it and take the time off work I would be all over it. Never say no going to a new place :)

  4. Not snowing here now, but dumped yesterday, I swear at this rate we will have snow in June still!
    Hawaii - heck yes! We are planning on going there for a couple weeks in 2015 for our 5 year anniversary before Avery turns 2 and flies free still lol

  5. Hawaii... yes! You want to go lol. I went in 2010 and could not even believe how beautiful it was there.

  6. Go to Hawaii!! It's amazing. I've been twice and am dying to go again!

    My favorite snack right now is mini sweet peppers stuffed with goat cheese, wrapped in turkey breast. SOOOOOOOO good.

  7. umm you must go!! what part??

  8. Hawaii. Yes. Go. Oh good yet so bad!! :)

  9. It snowed here on Tuesday night. We got 1.5" and school was closed for 2 days. It makes me roll my eyes but I am learning that I should just keep my mouth shut because when I make comments about it, it brings out the rage of the south as they have a list of excuses as to why it's a big deal. Although I will say it was a big deal in Atlanta as people got stuck on the freeways and kids had to spend the night at school so that was legitimately a big deal. But Charlotte's 1.5" of snow should NOT have taken up the entire 1 hour local news hour yesterday.

    My favorite healthy snacks are fruit, 100 calorie microwave popcorn bags, carrots & hummus, and roasted almonds.

  10. I'm really digging Spiced Pecans right now as a go to snack. I also love pitas dipped in roasted garlic hummus. :) You should totally go to Hawaii! My first solid week of training peaks is proving to be challenging as well with the slick conditions, snow and cold temperatures. Imagine how great it will be to run in the spring!

  11. Snow - you want snow - I will give you snow.... come to Ontario. Oh look more snow this morning!... Leigh go to Hawaii... if you want a travel friend - I'll go with you. Go enjoy! I found these amazing sweet potatoes puff chips - you can have 18 for 150 calories - I find post the label.. you feel like you are eating chips, but not the bad ones.

  12. For snacks, I like nuts, dates, energy bites (when I get around to making them), fruit, veggies & dip, hummus & pita.

    Sounds like a good excuse to go to Hawaii to me!



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