Thursday, February 6, 2014

Social media no no's

Before I get into it, I just want to say that I love blogging/social media and what it has brought into my life. That being said, there are some things that drive me bonkers about blogging and social media. Hopefully I'm not the only one!

1. Word verification and comment approval

I love leaving comments on blogs, but when someone has word verification set it makes me not want to comment. Half the time the word isn't even a word and it's super hard to read. If you are going to have word verification, there is no need for comment approval too. I understand that it stops spam or that you can choose which comments you allow to post, but there is no need to have both.

2. Random #hashtags that you #don't need in the #middle of a sentence

I don't understand this one. If you are going to use hashtags, they belong at the end of your tweet or sentence and not in the middle of sentence where it makes no sense.

3. Constant selfies

I don't mind a selfie now and then, but when your Instagram feed has a selfie every couple of pictures, I will almost always unfollow. I understand that you may love yourself a lot, but you could always look in the mirror if you forget what you look like ;)

4. Linking everyday to a post from your archives

It may be a good way to get people reading your posts, but if I really wanted to read your posts, I would go searching on your blog for them. 

So, what really grinds your gears in the social media world?


  1. My biggest pet peeve on social media is people posting their controversial political or religious views in an ignorant way that causes huge debates. I've stopped going on Facebook because I was tired of the constant debates and name calling. It isn't polite to speak like in public (ie. work, school, parties) therefore it isn't polite to do so on social media either.

  2. Maybe I shouldn't get started but:
    - Monthly recaps that talk about your 11 best posts - that end up being all of your posts for the month and are just trying to gain clicks. If you legitimately have a few great posts for the month - fine! But don't claim they are ALL the best.
    - Tagging EVERY SINGLE picture or post with #fitpregnancy or #fitlife or whatever. Your cup of coffee does not need a hashtag that talks about how fit you are.
    - Not going back and editing your automatic 'pin it' settings on your blog pictures. No one is going to want to Pinterest a picture of your Snickers bar.
    - Responding to thoughtful critique (not snarky critique...but actually well thought out questions or comments that are respectful) with one- or two-word answers.

    Ok - I'm done. I've had a frustrating week so I'm finding it easy to criticize :)

    1. So uh, how do I edit my Pinterest setting? Ha ha. I just installed a plug in but know nothing about it! I’m an offender!

  3. #1 definitely frustrates me. I'm probably guilty of a few others though...

    PS I nominated you for a Liebster Award: If you've already done it or are not interested, no worries!

  4. I agree with the hashtags for sure! Can't stand that!

  5. The only time I disagree with the hashtags is if I was using it in a sentence like this: The weather in #Kamloops is beautiful today! I think it would be a faux pas to NOT hashtag the first Kamloops and then re add the word with a hashtag at the end. But I totally agree with you that it's annoying when whole sentences are formed with hashtags when they really belong at the end!

    You already know my feelings on multiple selfies. UNFOLLOW! Lol.

  6. Entire sentences consisting of hashtags definitely irks me as well! So do hashtags on Instagram that don't have anything to do with the photo, or "Follow4Follow," "Like4Like," "Instagood".... They're annoying!

    I also really don't like coming across a blog post of, "Books I've Read This Month" and it's a list of 20 Harlequin romance novels.

    Annnnnd I really have a hard time taking anyone seriously if they cannot use proper spelling or grammar. Especially when they are trying to prove a point.

  7. ha you crack me up. I definitely agree! A million hasgtags drive me nuts too! Just say it!

  8. The word verification thing kills me. I've abandoned comments because I got rejected. There are shares on Facebook that annoy me. Mostly it's the ones that already have 10s of thousands of comments. Many of them are bait, especially the ones inviting you to like something or someone. Any media, people that never put up their own content, only sharing what others have done. If I've connected with you it's because I'm interested in what you have to say for yourself. I understand there is a use for self promotion, such as selling a book or other content. But lets have some discretion about it.

  9. Selfie overload drives me bonkers. (Except if you're taking pics of your shoes. Love shoe selfies.) There's someone in our local media that is constantly doing selfies with the people she interviews. Talk about unprofessional. Yeah I hate word verficiation and when you have to make account in order to comment on a blog. So frustrating.

  10. Oh my gosh, where do I begin? I agree with all of yours and am totally likely guilty of a few myself but here’s a few more…
    - Over promotion of a blog post. Do you seriously need to tweet it out 10+ times?
    - People who don’t line up their photos nicely in their posts
    - Auto-tweeters that automatically do #FF tweets for EVERYONE on your followers list
    - Automatic DMs when you follow someone
    - People who shamelessly suck up to brands on Twitter, esp when they’ve barely used the product
    - Those auto-tweets about your run: “I ran 10km and felt good”. That’s nice but don’t bother if you have nothing more to say
    - Calling it ‘the blog’ not ‘my blog’. We all do it but it bugs me for some reason. Own it! It doesn’t have a life of it’s own…

    Now that I’ve ranted, great post! I always like this topic. I’m sure we all annoy each other but it’s so funny to read people’s pet peeves!

  11. What about the million hash tags at the end of an Instagram? #dogs #dogsofinstagram #dawg #snoopdog #puppy #puppylove #ilovepuppies #puppies #snuggles #happy #sweet #sweetandhappy

  12. Hahaha I love this post. I also hate word verification. And the millions of hashtags at the end of things. Also, people that hide behind the internet to be a bully. And auto posts from fb to twitter.

  13. Oh, that's easy! Proper grammar and spelling! Ones that get me the most are "there/they're/their", as well as "your/you're". Its really not that complicated.

  14. Great post & comments! This week I switched to allow anonymous comments but at the same time added "gasp!" word verification and moderation. Now that I see how much you all hate word verification, I will turn it off pronto. I changed the moderation from all to only posts older than a month. Great tips. I'm still finding my way.
    Selfie is the most hated word of 2014. I tried a few this summer but suck at them so focus on other things. I'm not a fan of too many food photos but am going to be guilty of that in a gluten-free post.
    I agree with Amber on the hashtag use. Sometimes there isn't enough room in the tweet to put it at the end but it does make it harder to read in the middle.
    Thanks for the tips all of you!

  15. Love this post! I can't stand the word verification things... also commenting set ups that require me to make an additional account or whatever (livefyre!) and pinterest overkill, I can't stand when I get onto pinterest and my whole homepage is lit up with one person repinning 5 hundred things all at once (all of the same variety).

  16. Great post...for someone who is relatively new to the blogger world, it's nice to see what bugs readers!

  17. I'm always so scared that I'll be guilty of these things but I think I'm not this time around!!

  18. The hashtags is mine. Especially when they are 5 words long

  19. It annoys me when people tweet about their blog post multiple times a day. I rarely, if ever, tweet about blog posts and I certainly wouldn't do it multiple times in the same day.

    I like that the word verification is changing to numbers for some blogs. I hate the word verification but do better w/ numbers. But I could do without word verification!



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