Thursday, February 13, 2014

Three Things Thursday: getting to know you

I decided to change up Three Things Thursday yet again and ask you three questions so I can learn more about you. The questions are:

1. What kind of dishes person are you? The type that:
a. does them as you go
b. leaves them for after you've eaten 
c. leaves them for the next day?

2. If someone gave you $250 right now and said spend it however you want, what would you do with it?

3. If you are talking with someone (not a close friend) and they have something on their face or hanging in their nose, would you tell them? Or would you start rubbing your face/nose to make them do the same?

So, let's hear your answers!


  1. 1. Mixture of all 3. Depends!
    2. I would go shopping for clothes for me. Haven't done that in a long time!!
    3. Yeah I would tell them casually.

  2. 1. Definitely C!
    2. I would buy a new pair of running shoes and a pair of Lululemon running pants
    3. I always tell people when they have stuff on their face

  3. 1. Mostly finish eating and do dishes. By hand. Washing dishes by hand is a very soothing activty. Drying them, now, sometimes that waits for a while.
    2. Hmmmm. I don't know. Maybe new running shoes, the milage is getting up on the ones I have. Probably bank it, I've got a TFSA deposit coming up.
    3. I'd tell them.

  4. Does them as go and leaves a few to the end sometimes. Never until the next day!
    Maybe some shopping for me but probably all for Avery lol.
    Depends on who it was ;)

  5. 1) Depends on the day. Usually I throw what I can in the dishwasher, and wash the bigger stuff all at once later on!
    2) I'd buy a nice full-length mirror for our master bedroom! And if there was any leftover, shopping for me!
    3) If it wasn't a close friend and someone I was just briefly saying "Hello, how are you?" to, I probably wouldn't tell them. I'm horrible, aren't I?!

  6. 1. It varies! We usually clean up the kitchen every night, but sometimes a few straggling dishes get left behind for the next day. Sometimes we just leave all of them for the next day because we're busy.
    2. I would save it for our trip to Ireland.
    3. Depends again. How big is said thing? Really noticeable or just a small fleck of something? I'm more likely to tell them if it's something on their face than if it's something dangling from their nose (ew).

  7. 1. C. I hate doing dishes! M actually does them in our house!!
    2. Probably go clothing shopping or house hold shopping for decor
    3. I'd tell them, no point in beating around the bush about it! I wouldn't be rude about it, keep it casual.

  8. 1. I pretty much always do them as I go as I hate having a cluttered kitchen!
    2. I would put $50 on my starbucks accounts to fund my weekly latte addiction and put the other $200 towards my student loans.
    3. If it's someone I know well, I would probably say something, if I didn't know them well I wouldn't...

  9. I do the dishes after I eat.
    I would buy either clothes for myself or some equipment for my home gym.
    I would just say something.

  10. 1. If I bake then i clean them as I go. If I make dinner, J does them afterwards! Sometimes I will leave a couple dishes for the next day.

    2. I'd probably save the money and go clothes shopping for myself once I'm back to my pre-baby body

    3. I'd mention something to them or give them a Kleenex.

  11. 1. I have to do them immediately. I get anxiety if there are dishes in the sink before I go to bed.
    2. I would buy some new clothes. My wardrobe is screaming for an update!
    3. I would say something, because if the roles were reversed, I would want someone to tell me.

  12. I usually do the dishes as I go.
    I would use the $250 for a pair of boots or two.
    I probably wouldn't tell if there was something hanging from their nose or in their teeth ... but I would if something was on their face ... depends how well I know them!



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