Thursday, February 20, 2014

Three Things Thursday

Changing up the format for Three Things Thursday yet again! How dare I ;)

Three songs that are on repeat right now:
1. California by Dan and the wildfire
2. When the night comes by Dan Auerbach
3. I can't make you love me/Nick of time by Bon Iver

Three things I ate yesterday:
1. avocado pasta with pork chops and cauliflower
2. way too many chocolate covered almonds
3. the most delicious pineapple ever

Three things I'm sad about:
1. we finished all five seasons of Friday Night Lights. Is it strange that I feel sad without the Taylor's in my life? I already miss Matt and Riggins too.
2. that it's still winter
3. that it's not Friday yet

Three guys that are on easy on the eyes:
1. Zach Gilford

2. Taylor Kitsch
3. Mr.D

Tell me: fill in one of the above or tell me three random things!


  1. This post made no sense to me, except the food portion!

    Yesterday I ate energy bites, lemon squares and subway!

  2. Its been a couple years since I have been without FNL and I still miss it! Sometimes I see the actor in another show and point it out as "Hey, there's coach Taylor"! ha ha!

  3. 3 things I ate yesterday: caramel kisses (too many), Wendy's takeout (boo), and a multiple berry muffin.

  4. Repeat songs: Coming of age by Foster the people, Hey Brother by Avicii and I've got your fire by Jenn Grant. P.S. I love this post format :)

  5. I love Bon Iver. You eats sound delish! I has fresh pineapple too.

  6. Three things I ate yesterday was oatmeal at breakfast, a really good salad at lunch time, and a salad from room service at the end of the night that was pretty meh.

    I love that Bon Iver song! I am sucker for anything with a lot of piano in it.

  7. Love, love, love Bon Iver and this beautiful version of "I can't make you love me". I can't ever just listen to it once, it's a repeater for sure!



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