Thursday, March 27, 2014

Muffin recipe, overalls, cookies and snow

I've got a bunch of random things to talk about today, so that's what you are getting :)

1. Heather asked for my egg muffin recipe, so I thought I would share it. 

  • 8 large eggs
  • mushrooms
  • peppers
  • your choice of cheese
  • spinach
  1.  Preheat your oven to 375
  2. Chop up your choice of veggies and stir fry for a couple of minutes until tender. Chop up spinach and add to your pan until tender.
  3. In a mixing bowl, whip the eggs together.
  4. Chop or grate your choice of cheese 
  5. Spray your muffin tin with baking spray and then put the veggies, then eggs and then cheese in. 
  6. Bake for 20 minutes and then let cool in the muffin tins. Once cool, store in a container or ziploc bags. I reheat them for 45 seconds and they are perfect for breakfast during the week.
2. I was looking at stuff on on Kijiji last night and came across this beauty:

 Oh yes, those are overalls for a grown up that were described as trendy and stylish. Did I miss the memo that a grown woman should wear these?!

3. I was craving tim bits so bad yesterday! So I came home and make monster cookies instead. Who is coming over to help me eat them?!

4. Not sure if you heard or not, but it's snowing here. Mother Nature is playing a cruel joke on us!

5. I have a sudden desire for a pair of blue workout crops. No luck on the lulu website. Anyone have any ideas of where to find a pair that are reasonably priced or don't cost an arm and leg for shipping?


  1. Those a plain nasty! Lol
    And if the roads weren't crap, I just might drive down there today to eat your cookies, nothing else to do!
    Did you try Old Navy? I almost prefer their workout fabric now.
    Did you try Old Navy? I actually almost prefer their workout fabric now.

  2. YUM! Thanks for posting!

    I didn't receive the overall memo OH my goodness.

    I bought blue workout crops at Sport Check (Adidas) and they were not crazy where near lulu. Try there!

  3. Don't lie - you bought those overalls!! :) I'll help you eat them!! Pick me!! I hate this weather. I may move to a beach. Costco had navy crops like our black ones last year. Maybe they will get them again. But yeah Old Navy maybe or Target.

  4. Mmmmmm cookies! I will totally help you eat them :)
    I have seen overalls in lots of stores lately! It's crazy.

  5. I'll help eat those cookies! It's a good thing I'm too lazy to bake and clean up too often or else I would be really fat! No self control!

    J made egg muffins like those- so good!!

    The snow is pretty from the inside but that's about it. Over it!

    Overalls for anyone under 2 is wrong. WTF would wear those? They aren't flattering and as if they are comfortable!

    No advice on blue crops- just beware of the sweat marks...

  6. I would help you eat them if we were only closer!! Can't get enough cookies right now!! You'd swear I was prego,except clearly I'm not anymore!! Those overalls look like kids!!

  7. OMG. Those overalls are HIDEOUS.

    Thanks for sharing that recipe - looks and sounds delicious and they are gluten free, too! Woo hoo! That SUCKS that it is snowing. WTF Mother Nature. She is a really b*tch this year. Our weather hasn't been great either. It's obviously far better than where you are, but people move here for the weather so I expected a much nicer start to spring.

  8. Did you buy the blue ones tonight?

  9. I am going to try your egg muffin recipe - looks so good! I saw some blue workout crops at Old Navy, and the price was right! No overalls, ever!

  10. Egg muffins - great idea! Yikes to the overalls!



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