Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Post by the numbers

Borrowing this post idea from the fabulous Paula :)

Haha that made me laugh
I get winded from the three sets of stairs in my building at work. How sad is that?
8.1: the number of kilometers that ran tonight with Harley
4: the number of articles of clothing I wore for that run. Sure beats the 10+ it takes for winter running
1: the number of poops I took yesterday
2: the number of Diet Cokes I had yesterday and the number of times I brushed my teeth that day
80: the number of days left until my second marathon
6: the number of tweets I tweeted yesterday
117: the number of kilometers I ran in February
38383838: the number of chocolate covered peanuts I ate yesterday. Okay, so maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. 
9: the number of episode of the following we have watched so far. Such a creepy, but good show!
10: the number of books I've read in 2014 so far. Need to get on that!

Tell me: a random number regarding anything :)


  1. 2 glasses of water I have drank so far this morning (that is a struggle for me)
    0 cans of Pepsi I have drank in a week (gave it up for Lent)

  2. 1 The number of bottles of homemade juice I have had this morning
    7 The number of different kinds of cheese I ate for supper last night ;)
    10 The number of hours until I get on a plane for vacation

  3. Your third # is hilarious and so honest! Made me giggle, so I'll also add:
    1: The number of poops I've had so far today. (You never know!)
    15: The number of blueberries my kid ate this morning.

  4. Fun post idea!

    2: The number of cups of coffee I've had today.
    47: The number of push-ups I did last night! So pumped on that still.

  5. 8 hours of sleep, that's ill I have done so far :) time for a 10 minute shower :))

  6. 5, the number of miles I ran today :) It was on a TM since there was so much snow with no sidewalks cleared in St. Johns, Newfoundland. But I was super pumped to get it done since the TM makes me question my sanity I get so bored!!!

  7. 8 - the number of times I shoveled the driveway yesterday
    15 - the number of times i lost lives in candy crush - help I'm stuck on level 70
    8478 times I cursed this winter yesterday

  8. You crack me up!!
    2 - number of naps D has had today.
    45 - convinced number of minutes they were.
    3689 - number of chocolate covered almonds I wanted to eat from my parents freezer.
    8 - number I actually ate.

  9. Hahaha love that you included poops!
    5: hours I have been out of bed today. I decided to just stay in bed when I woke up (and went back to sleep, woke up repeat) this morning, and finally had to get up you get ready for work this evening haha.

  10. 10. Probably the number of times I cried today. Not kidding. Definitely not in a good place right now between being in Charlotte and finding out my apartment leasing company is raising my rent by $500 since I need to go month-to-month starting in April.

  11. 90.6 The GPA I am convocating with for my master's degree!



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