Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Random thoughts for a Wednesday

Besides posting what we were up to on the weekend and my weekly training recap, I'm struggling to come up with stuff to blog about lately. So, what do you want to read about? What I do on a Tuesday night (made dinner, do dishes, went to MRU to run, showered and watched The Following. Fun stuff!), what scares me the most, etc? Do tell.

In the mean time, you are getting a bunch of random thoughts from me today.
  • it snowed big time yesterday morning, which made the commute not so fun. The snow was thankfully gone by mid morning. Winter is almost over right?
  • am I the only one who hasn't seen Frozen?
  • I followed a girl on my drive to work yesterday that was putting on a full face of make up...yes while driving. That's safe, right?
  • just over a month until I go home to see my family for a long weekend
  • why do dogs have silent, but oh so deadly farts?
  • I miss my long hair lately
 Tell me: something random for this Wednesday


  1. I haven't seen it but want the DVD :-)
    Umm I can barely put on lip gloss while driving lol, that takes talent...but not smart.
    I missed my ponytail yesterday and shoved my hair into a pathetic ponytail!

  2. Ha ha You are not the only one that hasn't seen Frozen! I keep feeling like I am out of the loop since I don't know any of the songs either!
    We are suppose to get a big dumping of snow tomorrow....the day before spring! Yuck! xo

  3. I haven't seen Frozen but I have heard that song a zillion times. I kinda like it now. Something random? I've decided to read all the Canada Reads 2014 books. I have two from the library and the others on hold.

  4. I don't know that to post about either. I haven't seen frozen but want to! I like your short hair best!

  5. I have seen Frozen and LOVE IT - rushing out to buy it yseterday was mostly for me, not my daughter! Love the songs!!
    Random thought for today...Mother Nature IS NOT my best friend!

  6. I haven't seen Frozen either and don't have plans to. Not that I don't like kid's movies; I just bought Finding Nemo yesterday.

    Random thought: I wish Va-Poo-Rize from that Jack Black movie "Envy" was real, because now that the snow is melting the dog poop in my backyard is looking awful.

  7. I often do some of my makeup during my commute to work. Only at stoplights though! :) I know, still bad.

    Frozen is a super cute kids movie! I liked it!

    My random thought... I don't even know. I can't think of a random thought. Lately my mind has been consumed with A) work B) Our trip and C) what will our life look like in 4 months when Eric has a permanent job.

  8. I haven't seen Frozen!
    I think spring might be En route! I braved the future forecast and saw positive temps!!

  9. I still have multiple feet of snow in my back yard, my driveway snowbanks are still taller than me, and we might be getting another 10-15 cm of snow this week. I haven't seen Frozen...I still am frozen.
    Tomorrow is my last day of work...I kind of can't believe it.

  10. I haven't seen Frozen either but I really want to as my friends who have kids said they actually really enjoyed it!

    Something random is that I am totally over winter. I know it's not nearly as bad here as it is where you are.but it's not really nice either as it's been around freezing with rain/drizzle all week. So far since moving here, they have had a rainier than usual spring and summer and a colder than usual winter. I'm so not impressed.

  11. I'm also having a hard time with what to talk about lately.
    I haven't seen Frozen (nor have I heard the song)
    Something random: My kid gave ME a raspberry tonight instead of me doing it to him. I was in childs pose and he jumped on me and raspberried my back! Little turkey.

  12. I really enjoy random thoughts, lol. I have not seen frozen either, but I feel like everyone else in the entire world has!

  13. ok random thought - I've had a cold for the last four days - and can't taste anything - so food has no joy for me.... what if anything would you want to eat if you could finally tast something? I look at usually triggers, carbs, sugars, and have no interest..... do you think i'm on to a new diet fad---- if you can't taste it - you won't want it..... I love the song from Frozen.,....but really would like sing a song about summer

  14. Haven't seen Frozen and not really feeling the need to remedy that. I'd like to read more about things you're passionate about. Those posts tend to be easier to write since you care so much about them. Maybe share more "these are my confessions"?

  15. I haven't seen Frozen but I'm considering buying it since I've heard it's really good! Anything to entertain the toddler these days!

    And no, winter is not almost over. Stupid snowstorm!

    I'm also struggling with what to blog about. I have lots of ideas but no time to write them out. Then I forget them! Haha! I do love your creative Three Things Thursdays!

    I've put lipgloss/lipstick on while driving but a full face of makeup is impressive, if not terribly distracting though! I've done my make up in the car while J drives- it's difficult so I couldn't imagine doing it while driving myself!

    I don't want to cut my hair for fear of missing it! With my hair type, short hair is actually more work so I won't be cutting it anytime soon, at least not super short!

  16. I haven't seen Frozen yet but want to when my niece comes next month to visit. I too struggle with what to blog about!

  17. Bahahah Tucker farts are the WORST and they aren't silent - they sound like puffs - so whenever we hear that Matthias and I are like "TUCK! GROSS!" and prepare ourselves for his foul flatus.

    I haven't seen Frozen yet either :)

    Maybe tell us about your fitness and crossfit journey? And if you have done this before then can you point me to the link so I can go and read it? :)



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