Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Run for L'Arche half marathon: race recap

Aka the race that I almost PR'd without even trying to.

After running this race last year, I knew that I had to run it again. It's very well organized and has some amazing volunteers on the course. It also fit really well into my marathon training plan, which was more fun than just going out and running 21.1kms by myself :)

I picked my race package up on the Wednesday before the race. I work really close to downtown, so I just ran to pick it up during my lunch hour. I ended up having to leave some of the goodies behind (I only brought a small Camelbak with me), so my package included my number, long sleeve t-shirt and a Clifbar. 

The race starts at 10am, which is awesome. Lots of time to sleep in, drive downtown and find parking. I ended up getting there around 9:30am, which gave me time for a quick bathroom stop and then headed out to the start line. It was mighty cold and windy that morning, but I was hoping the wind would die down. I had no goals going into the race, but knew that I wanted to race it as per Solana's instructions. 

The course is very flat and heads out from Eau Claire and turns out around at the tennis courts at Shouldice Park. 

Kilometer one to five

Feeling pretty good at this part and decided to keep going to see how long I could keep up this pace. 

Kilometer six to ten

Still feeling pretty good, but the pathways turned to snow and knew the turn around was coming up. My plan was to stop and eat my gel near the turn around

Kilometer eleven to fifteen

Just after the turn around, the wind picked up and it felt like I was moving backwards and not forwards! It was so hard mentally that I started walking more often.

Kilometer sixteen to twenty one

Total time: 1:55:06 (average pace of 5:26/km)

If that wind wasn't there in the second half, I know that I would have gotten a new PR. Or if I paid more attention to my Garmin and took less walk breaks. Oh well, pretty darn happy with that time considering I am in the middle of marathon training. 

After the race, I grabbed water, chocolate milk and some delicious pancakes! My stomach wasn't 100%, so I didn't end up eating all of them. It was a bit off for the rest of the afternoon, but was fine the next day.

Overall, pretty happy with how the race went and will definitely be running it again next year! 


  1. Yay!! Congrats on your race!

    I always enjoy reading other people's race recaps. Cool medal! My stomach is always finicky after a race strange.

  2. Damn wind and ice. I say you totally beat your PR. Good work Leigh. You are gonna crush the full.

  3. Awesome job!! That's a great time! Hope you're marathon training is going well. I'm doing Calgary too, but the Half :)

  4. Great job! I always have a post race chocolate milk - its a must. Pancakes are even better. I never had tummy issues after running but know its really common and hope I never do - I will now that I said that ;)

  5. Nice work!!! Keep up the training, and I know you're going to PR not only in your next half, but also in your next full marathon!!

  6. Glad to hear you enjoyed your race and your training is going well! :)

  7. Nice work!! That's a great race- hopefully I can do it next year.

  8. Way to go! You did so well, especially in not-so-great conditions. I love that they serve pancakes after the race!

  9. Great job! That is an awesome time, especially considering you ran this as a training race in the middle of marathon training! Keep up the good work and you are going to kill that half!

  10. Awesome job! And really cute medal!! My stomach gets funky after races too. Sometimes I am starving, others I don't want to eat a thing. Running that many miles can do crazy things to your body!

  11. Thanks so much for the race review, Leigh. All the best in your training this year. You're doing great. It's been fun to watch your progress over the last few years. Proud of you.


  12. Great job Leigh!! It sounds like you are setting yourself up for a very successful second marathon!!

  13. You are super speedy in my book! Way to go on a great race!! :)



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