Thursday, March 6, 2014

Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! We are supposed to be getting 5-8cm of snow today, but then the temperature goes up to at least +7C on the weekend...Mother Nature, you are a crazy lady! I can do without the snow though if you are taking requests :)

Onto Three Things Thursday:

Three things I am looking forward to:
  • the warm weather this weekend
  • Friday
  • going home to see my family in April and May
Three things I ate yesterday:
  • pumpkin cookies that I made that aren't that great, but can't force myself to throw out
  • delicious lefts overs of this recipe from Lindsey's blog
  • half a curly wurly bar from our Europe trip
Three things that annoy me:
  • spam comments (I've been getting a lot of them lately for some reason)
  • begging for followers or retweets on Twitter
  • this snowy, cold and long winter
Three things I really love:
  • Diet Coke
  • a bubble bath with candles and my Kobo
  • sleep ins on the weekend
So, tell me three things on this Thursday :)


  1. aahhh sleep ins on the weekend...what is that and when was the last time I did that....oh yea 7 years ago before kids!
    I am also sick of this cold weather

  2. Great list! Your lucky you are getting some warm weather! I'm beginning to wonder if winter is never going to end around these parts! ha ha!

  3. #4 on things you love would be me yes!!?? Curly wurly? What's that? All fun thing to look forward to. Yes yo nicer weather!!

  4. I see today has warmed up enough to snow. I consider that progress.
    There is wine to be bottled this weekend.
    I should have taken a warm place vacation.

  5. +7 and I was excited about +2 tomorrow... Jealous! But you can keep your snow, we have too much haha.

  6. I'm the same way- can't throw out sub-par baking. I made coconut banana muffins and they are "ok."

    I almost cried when I saw the snow this morning. Seriously I have the worst cabin fever and I can't bring myself to bundle everyone up to go outside for 5 minutes. Brrr! I will go out this weekend though when it's finally a reasonable temperature. I've been on one walk this month. Pathetic!

  7. What is up with this Winter!?!?!? I agree with your entire list! Except that I don't have a kobo, lol. I just use magazines ;)

    1. P.s. I get those spam comments too-so weird!

  8. Four things Thursday - we can't wait to see you too Leigh.... April can't come fast enough.
    all of Ontario wants to see you too!

  9. Fun list!! Three things I'm looking forward to ... eating southern BBQ this weekend, Mexico in just over a month, and nice weather - someday soon I hope!

  10. Ha ha when I first moved to Red Deer people were just getting into Twitter here. Every other tweet was like "follow me" and I will follow you or if you don't follow me, I will unfollow you. Makes me laugh! Where is your family? I am so ready for this weekend. I can't wait to get my run on and my sleep in on :)

  11. I really love: coffee, yoga, sleeping in! Though sleeping in is so relative because for me now sleeping in is 8 - 8:30 am on the weekends and 6:30 - 7 on the weekdays!

  12. Three things I really love are trips home to visit family, coffee and running. :)



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