Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DIY medal hanger

A couple months ago, I switched offices at work and no longer had a place to hang all of my medals from. After thinking about for far too long and not wanting to pay $70 for one, I finally decided to pick up everything I needed for it. This is a super easy tutorial that anyone could do!

  • nails
  • wood in your choice of shape and size
  • stencil
  • paint
  • paint brush
1. Paint your wood in your choice of colour
2. Once dry, stencil your choice of words or saying 
3. Hammer in as many nails as you want (I used six nails about two inches apart)
4. Hang up on the wall and hang your medals from it

Total cost was less than $9 (I had already had the nails, paint brush and paint. Just had to buy the piece of wood from Michael's)

Tell me: how do you think it turned out? Would you rather pay for one or make it yourself?


  1. Look at all those medals! Impressive!

  2. love it! my friend made one for me with clips for my race bibs too!

  3. I have been meaning to do this for months! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Great job! I was gifted a medal hanger for Christmas a few years ago so use that. But when it fills up I think I would be more likely to make a new one as they can get quite expensive!

  5. I think you are very handy!!! I could never make something like that! It looks great :)

  6. Love it!!! Super creative for a great price!! I was gifted my medal hanger and there is no way I would ever spend that much on one so when I need more space I think I'll do this! Reminds me that I need to hang up my hanger again - it didn't quite go in the nursery!!

  7. Such a great idea! I have been thinking of buying one of those fancy ones with the sayings. But its so easy and CHEAP to make yourself.

  8. Cute! But it's filled up already. Now what are you going to do? ;-)
    My medal hanger is a $15 coat hanger from Amazon. It's holding about 35 medals so far.

  9. Great hanger! I could never make something like that. I am a complete klutz so I would have to buy something. But I hate spending a lot of money. That's why I think my medals are just in a box. I should hang them up somewhere :)

  10. Very cute! I really like how it turned out! I do not own a medal rack but I might get one at some point when I have wall space. I will be honest and say I HATE DIY projects so it would be highly unlikely that I would make one myself, even though I know I would save alot of money!

  11. Looks awesome! I love it! Look at all those metals! :)



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