Monday, April 14, 2014

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! I took zero pictures this weekend, so you get words from me today. This weekend, we:
  • took the dogs (we are dog sitting my in-laws dog for two weeks) for multiple walks
  • had a two hour nap on Saturday morning
  • watched Wolf of Wall Street- holy boobs, drugs and craziness!
  • vacuumed out the car
  • went for lunch with a friend on Sunday
  • went out for pizza on Saturday night
  • only cried once over my knee
  • made a medal holder for my office at work. Will share it once I've got it hung up! 
Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. Wolf of Wall Street was definitely the craziest movie I've watched in a while! I normally am not able to pay attention to longer movies, but that one had my attention :)

    I hope your knee is starting to feel better, injuries suck!

  2. I'm excited to see your medal hanger! My weekend was mostly filled with binge watching suits. And a little 10km MEC race thrown in for good measure ;)

  3. I really need to clean my car out! Its so dirty.
    I really hope your knee smartens up quick!

  4. What exactly is going on with your knee Leigh? I hope you feel some relief soon.

  5. sorry to hear about your knee!!

    (and we had pizza saturday too :) )

  6. My car is so dirty inside and the outside didn't stay clean long after the rain/snow we got.
    :( darn knee!! Hope it feels better ASAP.
    Where did you go for pizza? J made pizza last night and it definitely satisfied my pizza craving!

    We went to the Garden Show on Saturday and walked to the market on Sunday. Exciting!!

  7. Oh man, so sorry to hear that knee thing is still bugging you :(

    You forgot something though - you booked your flights to San Francisco! WHOOOOOO! I'm booking mine tomorrow :)

  8. Husband said the same thing about that movie!!

  9. I hope your knee few better soon. Being unable to run is the worst. I really don't know how I made it through 10 months away!

    My weekend was wonderful as I spent most of it in Minneapolis seeing Phil, family, and friends. It just went too fast like weekends at home always do.

  10. My weekend was good! Drinks on Friday night & long run on Sunday were the highlights! Did you like Wolf of Wall Street? I found there were a few scenes that should have been on the chopping board. It was good though.



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