Thursday, April 24, 2014

The positives about not running

Since my knee injury has left me unable to run {fingers crossed it's only for now!!}, I have been struggling to stay positive about things. But, I am trying. So, here is my list of the positives about not running:
  • my pedicure doesn't chip two days later
  • less laundry because I'm not sweating through my workout clothes
  • saving money on not having to buy gels or fuel
  • don't have to shower as often. Lifting weights at home does not equal sweaty and gross hair
  • get to sleep in on the weekends!
  • I'm not quite as tired all of the time
Tell me: what are some positive things you can think of about not running?


  1. Gosh, good for you for finding some positive things to focus on... I SUCKED at being positive when I was not able to run. I really hope (and do believe) that you will be back to running soonish.

    You have always been so good about cross training but before my stress fracture and RA diagnosis, I was awful about it. But being away from running for 10 months forced me to find other things to do and even now I am limited on how much/how often I can run so again, it pushes me to find other ways to stay active which is ultimately for the best as I think I am more lean and toned than I was when I was just running... Also, not running high mileage means I don't have out of control hunger!

  2. I agree with all of the above! Running makes me tired! And so much more hungry too lol. Oh and I felt like I had way more spare time when I was not running, especially on the weekends - no long runs!

  3. Sleeping in on the weekend is HUGE! Plus, you can drink some wine/beer/whiskey with your girlfriends on a Friday night and not feel gross before your long run the next morning ;)

  4. Agree!! Good work for looking at all the positives!

  5. Right now I'm loving the 'extra time' I have on my hands after work! Also, I notice I am tired all the time when I'm heavy training. I love your running pic!

  6. I never even thought to ask but has your knee injury affected going to crossfit too?

    The pedicure not chipping is definitely a positive. That happened to me two weeks ago, I was so annoyed!

    I know I've said it before but I'll keep saying it -- you should try yoga! Another low impact but awesome workout you could try that may not bother your knee is a barre class or a pilates class (holy abs and core strength!)

    Fingers and toes remain crossed that your injury is gone ASAP!

  7. Pretty much exactly what you wrote!! I have way less laundry and have to wash my hair way less when it isn't sweaty after a run. I don't really get to sleep in though.

    I hope you find out what's wrong with your knee asap.

  8. Yes there are some upsides to not running! Suddenly you just have so much time on your hands! Good luck with the healing process.

  9. Leigh, I hope you are doing okay and that you are getting some relief from physio and/or ART?

    Also just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster award:

  10. Aw Leigh, I'm really sorry to hear about your injury. You were so strong and so fast in your training. Hopefully you can get in some cross-training to keep those endorphins flowing and keep your spirits high. Maybe it will be better in 5 weeks so you can do a shorter distance (?) I hope to see you Wednesday !

  11. Hopefully you will heal quick girl!



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