Thursday, May 22, 2014

Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! I promise not to make you think about dying or being riding buses this week ;) This weeks Three Things Thursday is getting to know you.

one// do you eat the muffin top or muffin bottom first?

two// does your toilet paper have to be over or under?

three// when eating nachos, do you dip your chip into the salsa or sour cream first?

Let's hear your answers!


  1. 1. I rarely eat muffins since it's tough to encounter GF muffins but I usually eat the top and bottom at the same time, unless they are massive. They I break off chunks but the chunks are a combo of top and bottom usually.

    2. Over. Absolutely has to go over!

    3. Salsa. I usually don't use sour cream when eating nachos.

  2. Always the top, sometimes I do not even eat the bottom.At work people would ask who the little mouse was that only ate muffin tops ;)
    No preference here with tp!
    Guac then salsa, cause I don't eat sour cream.

  3. 1. Top! I don't really care for the bottom
    2. Definitely over
    3. just cheese and jalapenos for this girl!

  4. Bottom first! :)
    I don't care but Justin needs to have it on the bottom!
    I don't usually use sour cream but if it's there it would be first, then spoon salsa on top! :)

  5. 1. Top... I only eat the bottom so it's not wasted!
    2. I didn't really care before meeting M, but he had to have it over, so now When I see it the other way it bugs me! Lol
    3. Sour cream for sure. I don't often use the salsa. I just learning to like it since post pregnancy!

  6. Top
    Only sour cream!

  7. Top of the muffin first.
    I don't care about the TP as long as it's on the roll!!
    Sour cream first but then I try to have more salsa. Now I want nachos!!

  8. 1. Always the top
    2. Not picky, but my hubby prefers it over
    3. Sour cream first then salsa!



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