Thursday, May 8, 2014

Three Things Thursday

For this Three Things Thursday, the questions are going to be focused to get to know my readers. So, tell me:

{one} are you a morning, afternoon, night pooper? Or every other day? 

I'm always curious because I'm a when the need strikes type of pooper.

{two} if you had to give up one of your favourite food items, which would be hardest?

If you know me at all, you'd know my answer would be Diet Coke. After that would be chips and then chocolate covered almonds.

{three} do you need an alarm to wake up every morning?

I sure do! I can't wake up on my own that early (not that 6:55-7am is that early).

Let's hear your answers! Or leave a question for me :)


  1. At need, hopefully just before a long workout. Regularly.
    Wine. No, chocolate. No, peanut butter. Look, a polar bear!
    Very rarely, even without the furry meowing kind of alarm. I can tell myself to wake up at a certain time, and almost never sleep past it. Morning person through and through now. But that's PSW, post shift work. Before shift work I was a night owl.

  2. Lol to number one, morning for me ;)
    Ack, probably chocolate followed by coffee.
    I used to always set and alarm on work days but always work up 5 mins before. Now I have a new alarm clock lol!

  3. Ha, you are so not shy about bodily functions. ;) For #1 I'd say usually in the morning after I had coffee. Ha.
    #2 eggs. I would really miss omelets and eggs over easy and scrambled eggs with salsa. Yum. I guess that means I'll never be vegan.
    # I set an alarm but I usually wake up before it goes off. Lately I have been waking up around 5:30-6 every day which is super annoying because this is supposed to be my time to sleep in!

  4. 1. When the need strikes.
    2. Oh man this is hard. I am going to go with a tie between chip and salsa and froyo!
    3. I always set my alarm, but my body wakes up automatically about 3 minutes before it goes off, and 5am is HORRIFIC!!

  5. 1. LOL you are gonna love having kids- poop becomes a regular topic of conversation. Generally morning, or when the need strikes.
    2. Probably chocolate, or ice cream.
    3. I need an alarm clock and they are currently set to a different time every morning ;) On Wednesdays, when A goes to the day home, I have to set an alarm clock so L and I don't sleep away the toddler free day!

  6. 1. When the need strikes
    2. Cheese
    3. I have a built in alarm clock however I do set an alarm during the week so I can get up and ready before he wakes up.

  7. 1. morning.
    2. I could never give up coffee!
    3. Totally need that alarm!!!! I just need to stop hitting snooze.

  8. omg you are hilarious.... i think you should be honest and talk about farting.
    you are the most amazing farter in the entire's like a forewarning that somethings about to happen soon.
    bbq chips
    never need an alarm clock

  9. 1. With Crohn's disease it's a "whenever I have to go" situation for me ;)
    2. 5 cent candy (mine used to be diet coke until I forced myself to quit my 4-5 a day habit!!)
    3. I usually am woken up by my child but need an alarm (or my hubby who hears the quiet alarm) to wake me up if I'm getting up early to run



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