Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A little bit of happy on Wednesday

Ah Wednesday. The middle of the week and getting so close to the weekend. Let's talk about what I'm happy about/for today:

  • the sun is far {June is typically pretty rainy in Calgary}
  • the new season of Orange is the New Black
  • that my aunts are coming to visit for the weekend
  • accidental sleep-ins on Tuesday morning even though it left me rushing to get to work on time
  • delicious dinners made by Mr.D
  • comfy maxi skirts
  • good hair days
  • these two:

Tell me: what are you happy about today?


  1. Good hair days are the best! And YAY for the sun shining! Enjoy your time with you Aunts.

  2. I will have to try watching orange is the new black! I've heard a lot of people say it's good! Maybe after I finish watching the good wife! Lol! Yay for sunshine and family time!!

  3. The sun that comes out most days, Avery (of course), the thought of all the summer fun ahead and sun tans :)

  4. haha... i'm kind of obsessed with finding a cute maxi skirt, but haven't found any I really like yet. :) I'm just loving the sunshine and bike rides around here. Now if only the manfriend would cook some delicious dinners like Mr. D!

  5. Maxi skirts is my new jam lol

  6. I'm happy that it's almost the weekend, that I'm back from my business trip, that I have plans to see Phil the next two nights, that we'll see some sunshine this weekend (it's been rainy here lately) and that I have a haircut scheduled for next week!

  7. I NEED to find a cute maxi skirt!!!! I keep seeing girls wearing them and I always forget to go find myself one!

    Have a GREAT weekend :)



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