Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A little bit of happy on Wednesday

It's been rainy and very grey here for the past couple of days that I need to think of some happy things!

  • coming home to a delicious dinner made by Mr.D. He tried a new recipe for pork tenderloin and it was so good! I'll have to see if I can get the recipe from him to share
  • getting back into The Following. We stopped watching it for a while and are slowly getting caught up
  • yummy fries from Chicken on the Way
  • cuddling up on the couch with a blanket on these rainy nights
  • ordering stuff online and seeing it's been shipped already

Tell me: what is something happy about your week?


  1. I swore I would not watch this season of The Following but got sucked in! haha. It is so creepy!
    What did you order online? I love getting shipments I forgot about lol. That sounds bad but I have a horrible memory these days ;)
    Happy is just spending my days with my girl :) I go back to work in 4 months so it is starting to hit me that life is not always going to be like this.

  2. Hope you see the sun soon!!

  3. Something happy about my week is that the sun is shining today (it's been so rainy lately), a quiet night in with Phil, and feeling like I am getting stronger as a result of doing this shred!

  4. Bah this weather sucks!!

    I'm happy i had a nice day with Leo. We snuggled lots! And Audrey told me I was skinny!! Haha!

  5. I stopped watching the Following. I found I lost interest...maybe I'll start again over the summer. I have never been to chicken on the way. But had some great fries last night!!



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