Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Finish this

I was walking Harley last night and thinking of things that I could post about. My life isn't very entertaining or exciting lately, so I've got nothing juicy to share with you. So,  I came up with this post idea. I'll give you a sentence and you fill in the blanks. Sounds pretty easy right?

When I grow up, I want to be _______________________________.

The only thing better than sex is ______________________________.

If money was no object, I would go out and buy ____________________________ tomorrow.

The one thing I wish my husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife did more often for me is _____________________________.

The first thing I did this morning was _____________________________.

I would never, ever __________________________ in my lifetime.

Let's hear your answers!


  1. a kid, more often than grownups think I should be.
    fresh pineapple dipped in chocolate.
    a trip to the space station.
    um, let's just say I'll keep a tactful silence.
    make coffee.
    say never

  2. happy
    I can't think of anything better than sex, ha ha!
    plane tickets
    house renovations without being asked
    Make a pot of coffee
    return to the religion I left at 18 (heavy right?)

  3. Happy :-)
    A new house!
    Surprise me. Even though I hate surprises lol
    Fed Avery.
    Sky dive ;)

  4. Happy, Healthy and a Great Mom
    Visiting NYC
    My Mom a house on the beach
    More "me" time
    Read London a book
    Get my tongue pierced

  5. The best mom I can.
    A bigger house.
    Read my mind.
    Pour myself a cup of coffee.
    Own a pet spider.

  6. Healthy
    A good glass of wine and dark chocolate (can I use two things...)
    A house in Texas!
    Plan our vacations
    Looked at my phone
    I can't think of anything I would NEVER do

  7. Oo, fun post idea!

    1. happy
    2. salted caramel macarons
    3. an apartment in Paris
    4. tell me he is thinking about me
    5. check my email
    6. get a tattoo

  8. This is a super fun idea! I also am feeling very blocked with ideas for blogging lately...

    1. Happy and Healthy
    2. I actually can't answer this one haha. But probably really yummy food..
    3. lakefront property!
    4. rub my back!
    5. hmmm, brush my teeth? I went to yoga at 6 am but don't remember much from before that.
    6. never say never :)

  9. 1) Loved. I was going to say happy but lots of other people did so I switched it up
    2) Not being pregnant
    3)A new house complete with a new wardrobe
    5) Swear because I only had 4 hours of sleep
    6) Judge another mom

  10. An awesome Mom.
    Being on vacation on a beach.
    House renos or just pay off our house.
    Made full meals.
    Fed Delainey.
    Sky dive, bungee jump, anything like that.
    What are your answers??

  11. This is so fun!
    1. A Mom.
    2. Tie between froyo and the beach - haha.
    3. A house - oh how I can't wait to have my own place again!
    4. Go on more adventures, explore the area that we live. There are so many cool places close by that we don't take advantage of.
    5. Took Homie outside.
    6. Jump out of a plane. This girl is terrified of heights. I get queasy just thinking about it!

  12. A happy mom, wife and woman.
    Two kids napping at the same time!!
    New house and a new wardrobe.
    Cleaned up after himself.
    Fed Leo
    Sky dive or any of those crazy extreme activities.

    You forgot to answer yourself!



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