Wednesday, July 30, 2014

{baby D} week fourteen

Just a friendly reminder that I'm posting my weekly recaps a week behind

I'm not sure if I will do the typical weekly recap, but right now I don't feel like doing it. So, I'll just talk a bit about the week before.
  • TIRED! I don't know if it was a growth spurt or that I finally felt like working out again, but man, I was dead tired by the end of the week. I napped on Friday night, Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. Not that I'm complaining at all though ;)
  • Workouts- many walks with Harley, one at home CrossFit workout, one run, one swim and actually went to a CrossFit class. 
  • a few headaches, but not as bad as earlier
  • Pink Blush Maternity was having a great sale on, so I ordered two tank tops, a long sleeved shirt and a maxi dress for a great price
  • speaking of clothing, it's hard to find stuff for my boobs! They've grown like crazy and I swear I feel like I have melons strapped to my chest.
  • trying to eat better as I gained a couple too many lbs in the first 12 weeks. Not working out and eating lots of carbs will do that to you :)


  1. I hated pregnancy boobs, they got better in the last few months and then BAM nobody told me about after, so consider this your warning! I had no jackets that would fit for weeks. I did a post every two weeks, weekly seemed like too much to me too.

  2. I didn't get the pregnancy boobs, or at least notice a bug difference but it could be because I had lost soo much weight before hand! Glad the headaches are better, the sleepiness though will likely longer for a whole longer!

  3. I didn't get pregnancy boobs until the last couple of months, the BAM! Hella cleavage and it was bigger bra shopping for me. Now that I'm post-nursing, they're all small and sad and I actually miss my pregnancy boobs.

  4. I think you look great! I hope you feel less tired as you progress through the pregnancy, but I do think growing a baby is an exhausting thing to do!

  5. I love pregnancy boobs, other than having a hard time finding clothes.
    You can borrow some of my clothes but I imagine they will be huge on you!
    The tiredness sucks! I remember having naps in my car!

    Don't worry about the weight gain.

  6. You are adorable! Glad you are feeling a little better, and that you felt like working out again!

  7. Did you have to buy bigger bras or ? Mine grew but thankfully for now my bras are still good

  8. You look great. Oh the boobs and tired!! Nap away and enjoy those carbs mama!!

  9. I so remember how tired I was when pregnant. Rest as much as possible friend!

  10. Yes nap while you can and do eat all the carbs you can find. You need it and the baby needs it! Looking great Leigh. I am so excited for you guys!!

  11. Oh my gosh I could never get enough carbs in the beginning either! Who am I kidding, I loved carbs until the very end haha! You look great though and the weight gain will level out as you go on, don't worry :)



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