Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Getting to know you

I was searching Pinterest last night for some post ideas and came across a set of questions that would be fun to get to know my readers better {original set of questions found here}. So answer one, three, none or all...I'd love to hear your answers!

1. what is a weird habit of yours?
2. do you have any weird phobias?
3. what side of the bed do you sleep on?
4. which way do you face in the shower?
5. left eye or right eye first when you are putting on mascara?
6. do you have any weird body skills?
7. what did you used to wear that you thought was cool, but now you realize it wasn't?

Let's hear your answers!


  1. 1. Probably my OCD habits, example - every towel has to be folded one particular way, this includes dish towels.
    2. In open bodies of water I'm scared that a fish with a sharp nose will jump out of the water and stab me in the neck. Lol.
    3. Left
    4. At the shower head
    5. Right first
    6. Don't think so!
    7. Too many things! Jean overalls might take it though. I remember in grade 2 weaning jeggings & a neon shirt and after thought why did I like that? But now both.are back in style now lol

  2. 1. I rub my thumb across my lips. It's smooth.
    2. High spiral staircases freak me out
    3. Left (when in the bed)
    4. All directions depending on what I'm washing.
    5. Left eye
    6. No- no talents here!
    7. Neon and Doc Martens. Maybe they were in style but they were wrong!

  3. 1. I adjust toilet paper rolls if they're "backwards" in their holders.
    2. Cemeteries freak me out really badly. I could never live near one.
    3. If you're standing at the foot of the bed and looking at it - the left side.
    4. Away from the water.
    5. Left eye - my lashes curl weird on that side, so I tackle them first, haha.
    6. My thumbs bend backwards almost 90 degrees at the knuckle.
    7. Spice Girl-sized platform shoes in grade 7.

  4. 1- I often compose blogs and blog titles in my head, as I'm doing something else.
    2- I think an aversion to Brussels sprouts is perfectly natural.
    3- Whatever is left over after my wife takes the middle half. I'm just glad the cats aren't allowed in the bedroom.
    4- Whatever gets water sprayed on whatever needs to be sprayed.
    5- no mascara. I shave the right side of my face first. Does that count?
    6- Does mostly ambidextrous count?
    7- Nothing I ever wear has ever been cool, nor will it ever be. The middle aged man taint of uncool contaminates everything around me.

  5. 1-I eat corn on the cob by removing each kernel from it's socket with my teeth rather then biting, never miss a single kernel
    2- I don't think weird ones, definitely drowning, I've been taking adult swimming lessons tho
    3- The right side if I'm by myself, the left if I'm with Kevin
    4-either or as needed
    5- right eye
    6-I have really open hips and can make it look like they pop out of socket
    7-If you ask Kevin, I have a number of things that I still wear that aren't cool

  6. 1. I wipe the counter a million times a day.
    2. Now that I have Delainey I think of all the awful things that might happen. Like me falling down the stairs carrying her etc. It's wrong.
    3. Right
    4. Out
    6. I'm double jointed.
    7. I'm always cool Leigh. You know this. Except J calls me new lulus Beetlejuice.

  7. This is a fun post idea!

    1. When I go to church, during some of the longer prayers, I practice standing on one foot and then the other. I try to get through one prayer on one foot. Random, I know.
    2. Nothing weird - just the usual stuff like spiders.
    3. It depends At my house I sleep on the right, at Phil's I sleep on the left. I prefer to sleep on whatever side is by the bedside table.
    4. I face away pretty much all the time. I rarely face the shower head.
    5. Right eye first!
    6. Doc Martens!

  8. 1. Soup for breakfast!
    2. Butterflies
    3. Left (when facing the bed)
    4. I face the shower head, until it is time to rinse out my hair
    5. I never wear it so I have no idea
    6. I had lots of hand knit sweaters with cats on them

  9. 1. I can't go to sleep if there are dishes in the sink.
    2. This is not too off the wall, but heights.
    3. Left.
    4. Out.
    5. Right.
    6. I am double jointed, and when laying on my back, can flip my arms all the way around. It looks gross, haha!
    7. Overalls for sure!

  10. Fun!

    1. At work my screens have to be perfectly lined up, total freak about it. And there are 7 screens.
    2. not really
    3. Farthest from the door
    4. I guess towards it most the time
    5. Right
    6. ??
    7. Overalls

  11. 1. I used to play with my nose ring all the time until I took it out. I used to kind of pull it away from my nose and spin it.
    2. I am terrified of being murdered!
    3. Left!
    4. Away from the water other than when I wash my face
    5. hmmm, left I think? but I'm not sure if that's all the time or not
    6. my knees bend back really far and often when I'm standing and waiting in line I kind of hyper extend my knees. It looks really weird
    7. CROCS!!! hahaha



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