Friday, August 29, 2014

Five on Friday

{one} happy Friday everyone! So excited that it's the weekend and that it's a long weekend. 

{two} my mom flies into tonight and is staying until Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing her and spending time with her :) I'm trying to come up with things to do in Calgary this weekend....anyone know of any events going on?

{three} Mr.D and I took dinner over to my friend Erica last night and her husband. I got to snuggle with her 8 day old baby girl. So cute!

{four} for those of you on Twitter, if someone links to one of their older posts do you click on the link? I personally never do and don't see the need for them. If someone wants to read your old posts, they will go search them out. That's just my thoughts though.

{five} have a fabulous weekend everyone!


  1. So fun! Enjoy the time with your Mom :) I am ready for a weekend a home, I love holidays but something about being at home with little plans makes me pretty excited.
    I have wondered that too about Twitter, I never have clicked on those links - or if I have its been once or twice. It usually confuses me!

  2. the Milky Way nights are happening this weekend. Just outside of the city the U of C has an observatory and they open it to the public a couple nights a year to go look at all the stars and constellations. It's kind of late but super fun.

  3. Twitter speak is all greek to me!! Haha!

    Oh Erica had a girl?? How fun that you both will have girls!! What's her name? Best baby gift is bringing over food!

    Have a great time with your Mom!! No clue on events since we are housebound for most of the weekend. Spruce Meadows?

    1. Never mind, Spruce Meadows has an event next weekend.

  4. very rarely do I click the link on twitter, only if i have nothing better to do haha. have a good weekend girl

  5. I never click old twitter links unless the title really grabs my attention. Ive been seeing a lot of like season specific older posts which really make no sense to be reading right now. So weird.

    Hope you find something fun to do this weekend!

  6. In general, I never link to my posts on twitter, nor do I click on the posts that others link on twitter. What annoys me more is when people post their current post 3 times during the day with "in case you missed it". I barely use twitter these days and might deactivate my account actually...

    That was nice of you to bring dinner to your friend! I bet it was fun to snuggle with a newborn! I hope you have a great time with your mom!!

  7. Hope you had a great visit with mom! Yeah for baby snuggles!!

  8. Ahhhh baby snuggles are the best!! Christopher's brother and his wife just had a baby girl on Monday!!! I'm so excited to meet her and give her allllll the snuggles!!!



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