Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Tuesday everyone! It was a long weekend here, so the extra day off was fabulous. Plus, there is only four more work days until my vacation starts. Can't wait!

{friday} the weather was super crappy, so I took Harley for a short walk and then hung out at home all night.

{saturday} in the morning, I met up with Becky (& Liam)  and Kaella (& London) at the zoo. They had plans to come into town to take their little guys and I invited myself along as I had never been to the zoo. It worked out really well that we got there just as it was opening to avoid the larger crowds. It was a fun morning with the girls and seeing all of the animals! Thanks for letting me come along and it was great to meet you Kaella :)

After the zoo, I headed home for a lazy afternoon on the couch and taking Harley for a walk. I was tired after all that walking around at the zoo in the sunshine!

{sunday} Mr.D had scheduled me for a prenatal massage in the morning, but the spa called and said that the massage therapist was off sick. They offered to have me come in for a complimentary facial or pedicure. I had never had a facial before, so I quickly said yes to that! The facial was an hour long and perfection. After my facial, I had a quick lunch and headed out for a walk with Erica who is due very soon! The rest of the day was spent hanging out at home.

{monday} in the morning, I had a little sleep in then walked Harley. In the afternoon, I met up with my friend K and we went to the cheap theatre (can't beat $5 for a movie!) to see The Fault in Our Stars. Oh my goodness, I cried so much. I had read the book, but forgot parts of it. If you haven't seen it, definitely do! After the movie, I made a quick stop at Target where I found a comfy maxi skirt for $10 and then headed home. I made a quick dinner and some banana muffins for the week.

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. I've never had a facial either, always thought having my face massaged might be weird. But maybe I should give it a try! Those banana muffins look yummm.

  2. Those muffins look delish!! And score on the facial, they are awesome!

  3. That's awesome that you got a facial! Thanks for joining us at the zoo! Always great seeing you :)

  4. The zoo trip sounded fun! Glad you girls got to meet up :)
    I made banana muffins this weekend too, side note they were one of my pregnancy cravings and it stuck around as a craving.
    I need to see that movie! Loved the book.

  5. I loved The Fault in Our Stars! That was probably one of the best books to movies I've ever seen. I actually didn't like Hazel that much in the book (I didn't not like her but I didn't love her character or anything) but I really really liked her in the movie.

    Sounds like a great weekend!

  6. Looks like an awesome weekend. I want to see that movie - I have no time to read these days. I have never had a real facial, glad you were spoiled - bummer about the massage though!! Cant wait for this weekend!!

  7. That is awesome that the spa offered you a complimentary service! I have had my appointment cancelled due to a sick person, too, but they didn't offer that! Glad you enjoyed the facial - I used to get those back when I really struggled with my skin and loved them.

    I read TFiOS but have yet to see the movie. I want to re-read the book first so I don't think I will see it anytime soon... But I have heard it's good!

    You've already read about my weekend but it was a great one as it was a good mix of being active, spending time with friends and having downtime.



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