Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Tuesday everyone! I meant to post about our weekend yesterday, but got busy napping on Sunday night and then had a busy day yesterday. It's a good thing I'm on holidays now :)

{friday} on Friday afternoon, Mr.D finally got home from his road trip. Once I was home from work and we packed up, we were on the road to Alison's family's cabin for the weekend. We had a lot of storms rolling through that day, so the sky was pretty crazy on the drive there. 

We got there around 9pm, which meant just hanging out for the rest of the night. Oh and a swim for Harley! He apparently loves water and jumped right in. Silly dog!

{saturday} the morning started early at 7:30am and was on the chilly side. Once everyone was up, Mr.D and I made brunch. After brunch, the boys went out on the boat for a ski, so Alison, Delainey, the pups and I went for a walk. We ventured to a garage sale down the road, but I'm guessing all the good stuff was already bought ;) The afternoon was spent in the sunshine and competing in the Olympics that Alison's dad put together. It included kayaking/SUP, kan jam, washers, bocce and golf. I was paired up with Alison's brother Jeff and we somehow didn't come in last....still not sure how that happened even with my two of my golf balls going off the kids play house. Haha, golf is not one of my talents. 

Harley's first boat ride

The rest of the day was spent enjoying a delicious dinner, going for a boat ride {Harley wasn't quite sure what to think of it} and having a camp fire under the super moon.

{sunday} we woke up to a beautiful day, but unfortunately all that lake water meant an upset stomach for Harley :( After breakfast, we packed up the car and headed home.

Someone slept the whole way home!        

Thank you again to Alison and her parent's for inviting us to their cabin for the weekend! We had so much fun :)


  1. Sounds like a blast! SUP is still on my summer list, my yoga studio had a few classes but they are all when I am in BC. Have a great week off :)

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend, wish I was there with you girls!!

  3. mom - now GrandmaAugust 12, 2014 10:11 AM

    love the pictures!... poor Harley looks done in! Can Harley come to beach in Ontario for the summer?

  4. Great pictures! That sounds like a crazy fun weekend. :)

  5. Such a great weekend. Thank you again for coming and for those dam delicious cookies! I want more! Poor Harley and his belly. Hope he's feeling better today. Next summer Delainey will have a play mate on our lake weekend!! :)

  6. That looks like such a fun weekend! After spending last weekend camping on the lake I am pining for a place on the lake and trying to convince my dad to buy one. Haha. Too bad they are all $$$$!

  7. That looks like such a fun weekend!

  8. Sounds like you guys had a blast!! Poor Harley!! Too much fun!! Haha!

  9. Looks like an awesome weekend aside from Harley's tummy ache. Poor Harley! I love weekends at the lake. That is where I spent mine. We had lots of family there so it was kind of hectic, but really fun.



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