Wednesday, September 3, 2014

{baby d}: week nineteen

Just a friendly reminder that I am posting my weekly recaps a week behind

Thanks Alison for the dress!
Feeling: overall, pretty good again this week. I was tired by the end of the week without my mid-afternoon naps I was having while on vacation. Heartburn started this week after lunch and would last on and off throughout the day. 

Workouts: LOTS of walks with Harley, one run, one bike ride and did a T25 workout, but modified it.

Other: my mom was in town for the weekend and kindly bought us our car seat. We went with the Britax B-Safe car seat. We were debating between that one and the Graco Snugride 35, but the Britax fit better on the stroller and in our vehicle better. Mr.D figured out how to set it up in each vehicle- can't wait to actually put it in there for real!

I also picked up some paint samples for the nursery and was trying to nail a colour down while my mom was here. Nothing set in stone yet, but a few contenders. 


  1. Love the dress, it looks great on you and the bump :-)
    We love our Britax, we were between the same seats but it also fit better in our car. Nissan actually recommends Britax for the vehicles.
    Can't wait to hear more on the paint!

  2. We have the same seat and we quite like it...though when you have a Golf, every car seat is a bit big...but definitely easy to install - which is a giant plus!
    I hope your heartburn doesn't get too bad!

  3. That's the car seat I got!! I haven't put it in yet because we're going away this weekend! But I can't wait to put it in the car either!

  4. Look at that bump!! Soo cute!! You look great!! Can't wait to see what color you end up with!!

  5. Adorable as always! Love seeing that bump grow each week. And that dress is so perfect on you!!

  6. The bump is in full affect! We also just bought the britax :)

  7. Yay for big purchase!! What color are you thinking? Can't wait to see. Dress looks great! It's awesome cause it will work until the very end! Cutest belly!!

  8. You look great!! That dress really shows off the bump!

    Yay for carseat purchasing! Just wait until it's time to buy the next car seat. Talk about a lot of confusion and choices out there!

    You are going for pink right?? Like bubble gum pink! I know it!

  9. Love the growing bump. You look great. I had that car seat and loved it.

  10. That dress looks amazing on you! I love watching the bump grow. And I hope you had an amazing visit with your mom. Sounds like it!

  11. You look so great! That is exciting that you've got some paint color contenders for the nursery. I can't wait to hear what you pick out!

  12. Aw you look so cute. :) We got the same car seat!



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