Wednesday, September 10, 2014

{baby d}: week twenty

Just a friendly reminder that I am posting my weekly recaps a week behind

Holy moly, half way there! Pretty sure time is going to fly even faster now.

Feeling: Still no major complaints besides some heartburn and what I think is round ligament pain. This pregnancy has been pretty easy on me so far and hopefully it stays that way!

For the mama's out there- did you get bloody noses/boogers (sorry if that's TMI) more often when pregnant? I have never had a bloody nose before and find that my boogers are always bloody now. Pregnancy is a strange thing at times!

Workouts: two runs, and a couple walks with Harley. I didn't exercise from Wednesday to Friday at all, which wasn't good. Such is life.

  • had my 20 week appointment at the maternity clinic. Baby/belly was measuring as should be and I got to hear the heart beat again. It was 147 that day.
  • bought a bassinet for $30 off was brand new and had never been used. Can't beat that price! 


  1. Adorable bassinet! We never used one but they are so cute and handy :)
    YES, I had never had a nose bleed but had the same thing! Crazy, hey? I am happy to hear all is good for you, I felt great all the way to the end, probably the end I felt the best!

  2. I always have bloody boogers every morning only one side of my nose! So weird. Love the basinette!

  3. I had bloody boogers when I was pregnant, too.

  4. Love the bassinet - we loved ours! I was sad when she outgrew it! :) No bloody boogers for me! :) ha ha I've never had a bleeding nose either. So glad you have having a good pregnancy and yes it flies by!! You look great my friend!

  5. Oh yes, I had a LOT of bloody noses! So weird! Awesome score on the bassinet!!

  6. Yes with the's because you have more blood and your blood vessels expand. Since the vessels in your nose are so small and 'delicate', they bleed more.
    Great bassinet! I wish I was in a bigger city so that there was better baby stuff on kijiji...

  7. Hooray! You are over half way! And you look so great. I am glad that the pregnancy has been fairly easy on your so far, though.

    I love that bassinet! So cute!

  8. That bassinet is awesome!

    I got the worst bloody nose of my life when I was pregnant. It was so random but apparently normal

  9. Cute bassinet!! Steal of a price!

  10. You are looking so vibrant - you're definitely blessed with an awesome pregnancy glow! I love the top too.
    (my top you asked about last week was from The Bay I think, and a gem considering it was non maternity and I just bought it for regular non-pregnant wear)
    No bloody noses for me this time around. My weird pregnancy side effect is super sensitive underarms, even sensitive to my homemade deodorant.
    Beautful bassinet too! Kijiji is just about the best thing ever.

  11. Half way already! That is craziness! Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks, I'm sure you'll have popped even more by then! That bassinet is soo cute, what an amazing deal!

  12. I didn't have bleeding noses with Audrey but all the time with Leo! It's a common pregnancy symptom, which is super annoying!

    Nice deal on the bassinet! We loved ours!



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