Thursday, September 25, 2014

Getting to know you

Since this blog has been all about me and my growing baby belly lately, I thought I'd come up with some questions for you guys to answer. It lets me learn a little more about you :)

{one} if you are driving in traffic and someone pulls in front of you and proceeds to go way slower than the rest of the traffic in your lane, how do you react?

{two} say you had gained a couple pounds recently and someone asked you when you were due (but you weren't pregnant), how would you react?

{three} if you happened upon a bag that contained $10,000 and it was not marked and no one else was around, what would you do with the money?

Let's hear your answers!


  1. 1) this is a good one...we have "4 lanes" near our will be following a slow car the whole time, once you get there and basically the only part of the highway you can pass safely, they speed up and you can't even keep up with them, as soon as they are off, their speed is back down...THAT pisses me off big time!

    2) I always worry about this since having my last child...almost 3 years ago. I admit that I still have a belly and although people see me as thin, we all know I have a belly now...I am always worried when I wear certain things that I look pregnant and someone will ask me and be in that awkward position, so I wear bigger sweaters or something that when I am around people, I can cover my stomach

    3) Keep it...if it wasn't near anywhere or anything, nothing written on it, nothing, i would def keep it....i think!

  2. 1- work on my patience skills. Pass if I can safely do so. Take an alternative route.

    2- Being I'm a guy, I'd have serious concerns about their observational skills.

    3- I don't need 10K bad enough to compromise my integrity. I'd turn it in. Maybe I've just seen too many movies where that bag has dirty money in it, and I've somehow stumbled into a kidnapping payoff gone bad, and everybody is hunting me down.

  3. 1. I'd probably swear at them, then try and pass them the first chance I (safely) could.
    2. I'd tell them that I was not expecting, then watch the awkward look on their face. Then I'd probably go eat a pound of chocolate to make myself feel better.
    3. Turn it in ... but make a point of mentioning that if it's left unclaimed for 90 days, I'd happily take re-ownership ;)

  4. 1) oh man I have bad road rage.. need to work on that with the babe coming. I usually tail gate
    2) id probably make it very uncomfortable for them :)
    3) no where to turn it in? keep it and do lots of things to spread the cheer

  5. 1) I would change lanes, pull up beside them and glare
    2) I would just say, "Ummmm, I'm not pregnant!"
    3) I would turn it in to the police department

  6. 1. I would probably yell in my car and curse the person and try to get around them asap.
    2. Well we just talked about this. Ha. I think it's such an awkward conversation when you say you aren't pregnant so if I didn't know the person I would probably just say yes to avoid that conversation. ;)
    3. I think I'd turn it into the police.



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