Friday, October 31, 2014

Five on Friday

{one} happy Friday and happy Halloween! We don't have any big plans for the night besides handing out candy to all of the kids :)

{two} just a friendly reminder that you have one more week to sign up for the Christmas blog swap. If you want to join, please leave a comment on this post :) Pass it on if you have a friend who might want to join as well.

{three} baby girl has been hanging out on my side near my ribs for the passed day and it is not comfortable! I keep trying to get her to move away and no luck so far.

{four} my mom had made these pumpkin cookies when we were in Ontario, and I had to make them last night. So not healthy, but oh so good!

{five} have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

{baby d}: showered with love

Almost two weeks ago when Mr.D and I were in Ontario visiting my family, my mom's three good friends (Jan, her daughter Jen and Denise) surprised me with a wonderful baby shower! I had no idea it was happening, but apparently Mr.D knew about it from the very beginning. Sneaky guy!

I'm not sure where to start recapping the shower, so let's start with the food :) Denise is a very talented cook, and she outdid herself on the food. So much good stuff! My mom also had adorable sugar cookies made after a Pinterest fail (wish I would have taken a picture of those mom!!)

The ladies also came up with fabulous decorations. Simple, but perfect :)

The ladies also organized two of which was guess how big Leigh's belly is. My SIL in law came in second place after measuring her own :)

Baby D, Mr.D and myself were definitely spoiled rotten! Lots of gift cards, clothes and other goodies. We ended up having to buy a small suitcase to get everything home with us :)

Thank you again to Jan, Denise and Jen- you ladies outdid yourselves and I am so grateful for everything you did :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

{baby d}: twenty seven weeks

Just a friendly reminder that I am posting my weekly recaps a week behind

I had to include both pictures as the one with Harley makes me laugh as always. He planted his butt down when we told him to sit and wouldn't move, so that's what we ended up with :)

Feeling: still feeling pretty good, but was feeling very pregnant in the middle of the week. I think either her or I had a growth spurt this week. Still have some groin pain, but it comes and goes. 

Workouts: Prenatal yoga class (I have one more week left), two strength training workouts, one run and LOTS of walks (almost 27kms worth). The weather was gorgeous here this week, so I even got out at lunch with a co-worker which was a nice way to break up the day. Not sure how much longer I'll be running for as my groin and legs are left feeling very sore in the days following.  

 Oh my, how the belly and boobs have grown!

  • I had my glucose screening test on Tuesday and let's hope I passed! I tried to drink it as fast as I could and felt like I was going to puke near the last bit. She sure was moving up a storm after drinking it! The lady who took my blood also left me with a huge wonder I thought it was hurting the whole time.
  • pretty sure we have decided on a nursery colour. I had one idea in my head, but decided to stick with one colour and keep it simple. It was stressing me out too much!
  • went to IKEA for a couple of things, but had no luck with a foot stool. We have a poang chair, but they no longer make the colour of one we have, so trying to decide what to do now
  • this may sound silly, but I took Harley for a walk with the stroller on the weekend. He did way better than I thought he would as I was worried he would be all over the place.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Belated scenes from the weekend

Happy Tuesday everyone! This weekend recap is a little late, but for good reason. Mr.D's post definitely takes precedent over mine :)

{friday} I ended up being sent home from work early due to fumes in our building. They were doing work on the floor below us, and they were overwhelming. After I left work, I ran some errands to Costco and Winners. In the afternoon, I had a short nap and then headed for a walk with Erica and her adorable daughter Quinn. It was a sunny, but super windy day out, but that didn't stop us from walking about 6kms. 

{saturday} we were both up early that morning and I started doing chores around the house. I think I was going through a major nesting moment because lots of stuff was organized and cleaned out.  Mr.D went biking with a friend in the afternoon, so I took Harley for a walk and then I had a nap and read. The rest of the night was spent getting groceries and watching tv.

{sunday} it was my birthday! I got up to feed Harley and couldn't fall back asleep, which meant my day started at 6:30am. Mr.D made me a delicious breakfast of pancakes, bacon and fruit salad. Hit the spot! After breakfast, we headed out to IKEA where we didn't have much luck. We had brought Harley with us, so stopped at a near by off leash dog park to let him run. He loved it! The rest of the afternoon was spent warming up (it was a chilly day out) and having a nap. Mr.D took me out for dinner to The Keg that night and I left more than stuffed!

In case you are wondering what I got for my birthday, I was spoiled with money, magazine subscriptions, money to get my hair done, a new flat iron and a diaper bag that I've been wanting. I am one lucky girl!

Tell me: how was your weekend?

Monday, October 27, 2014

28 Years Young

First, I just want to say thank you to everyone who emailed, texted, send messages on FB, etc wishing me a happy birthday! It was really nice :)

Second, if you want to read some of Mr.D's past birthday posts to me, they can be found here:

24th birthday
25th birthday
26th birthday
27th birthday


Another year has gone by and once again you need to suffer through my babbling summary of the events that I feel have influenced Leigh and I the most. The big news this year obviously is Leigh's pregnancy (its not my pregnancy, I just facilitated the condition Image result for winky face), but I think you should know what Leigh has had to put up with since we found out the news. I realized that as soon as I am responsible for a being that would not survive if I didn't look after it, my time would no longer be mine, it would be baby's. So my mission this year was to mountain bike as much as I could. Two out of town trips (over a week each) and day trips to the mountains as much as four times a week took me out of the house more than I am sure Leigh liked. I knew that this was the last chance I had to pick up and go bike whenever I wanted. THANK YOU LEIGH for letting me do what I absolutely love to do!!

Leigh doesn't understand why I love to bike as much as I do, but every ride involves scenery like this and outcomes like the pedal bites on my legs (if you don't bleed it wasn't a good ride). In Squamish at the top of a legendary trail called Half Nelson there was this photo tacked to a tree:

 It made me realize that only a few years ago I had this mindset (about having a baby, not about getting married... I love you Leigh!!). Now, however, I am ready. I am ready for this next adventure in our lives. Screaming, pooping, crying, more screaming, and that's just how Leigh is going to be! ;) I'm sure that it will be a rude awakening for both Leigh and I, as people who truly value their sleep, but I am sure we will manage.

So one thing that I wasn't prepared for was the amount of stuff that we would begin to accumulate. And not stuff that we were buying, stuff that people were just giving us! Like we were the salvation army or something. Every time Allison's husband comes over before going for a ride he brings something. Like every freaking time! :) I do really appreciate all the things that people have lent us, not only because it means we don't have to buy everything new, but also because I didn't know we needed all these things. Babies aren't like puppies. Puppies need food, a collar, a leach, and a ball. That's it. That is all that Harley needs. If those four things, along with Leigh and I, are in his life he is a happy dog. I have so much to learn and only 3 months to learn.

Teachers are notorious for being awful students. There is just something about being on the other side of the classroom that keeps us from being the students we love to teach. Instead we are the students we hate to teach. We are inattentive, we talk during lectures, we're cynical about the information we are receiving, and we HATE to participate in the lesson. So I'm pretty sure I'll be the worst parent-to-be at our prenatal class. Sorry Leigh, you might have to put up with scowls and sideways glances.

Enough about me, this is Leigh's birthday post, so lets talk about her. Leigh has been so great throughout this pregnancy. She doesn't really complain about anything. She doesn't nag me to get her things, or to do things for her, or blame me for "doing this to her". She has had to adjust what she does with her free time. Instead of marathon training and crossfit, Leigh has been baby training (yoga), going for walks, and working out at home. The one time in her life when she could shamelessly do nothing but lounge around the house and she is still taking Harley daily long walks. 
Leigh doesn't let her pregnancy be a burden to her, but treats it like the beautiful present that will deliver to us the next chapter in our lives. I am so excited for our baby to come, and I cannot wait to see how wonderful of a mother Leigh will end up being.

I love you Leigh, Happy Birthday.

Mr. D

Friday, October 24, 2014

Five on Friday

{one} happy Friday everyone! So ready for the weekend and for some time away from work.

{two} the weather has been gorgeous here lately! I took advantage of it and went for a walk at lunch yesterday. It was super sunny, but so windy! I'll take it because it beats snow any day.

{three} for the mama's out there- what are your must have's that you registered for? I'm starting to make our registry and don't want to miss anything important. We are new to all of this so any input is appreciated!

{four}  If you are Canadian blogger and want to join in the Christmas blog swap, don't forget to sign up here.

{five} have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Canadian blogger Christmas swap 2014

It's that time of year ladies and gents! Christmas is quickly approaching, which means the Canadian blogger Christmas swap is right around the corner. Lindsey and I have had great success for the past 3 years doing this, so it's back for another year! Plus, it's a fabulous way to find new Canadian blogs to read.

Last year, we changed the format of the swap to be ornaments which went over really well with everyone. We decided that this year will be ornaments again :)

The details:

  • You must have an active blog and be willing to share your package on your blog once you have received it
  • Must be a Canadian blogger (sorry friends from the States!)
  • Leave a comment telling me (with your email address or ensuring it's linked to your blog) that you are interested in participating
  • Please let us know by November 7, 2014 if you are wanting to participate 
  • You will only have to spend $20 before shipping on the package 

Once we have the final numbers, I will match everyone up and send out the information accordingly. Please let myself or Lindsey know if there are any questions :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

{baby d}: week twenty six

Just a friendly reminder that I am posting my weekly recaps a week behind

Look who made it into this week's picture again...good thing he's cute:) And thank you to Nicole for letting me borrow the shirt :)

Feeling: still no major complaints. I have my tired and sore days, but still feeling pretty good.

Workouts: for being out of town for four days, I still fit in: three walks with Harley, a prenatal yoga class, one run and an at home tabata workout.

  • took a trip with us to Ontario to see my family
  • got completely spoiled rotten at a baby shower
  • no decisions made on the nursery- too busy being out of town
  • crazy strong kicks while I lay on my left side on the couch or in bed. A few were in the ribs, which wasn't fun at all! But Mr.D got to feel a few which is always neat
  • my belly button is slowly but surely getting shallower and shallower. I'm curious to see if it is going to pop
  • it started a couple of weeks ago, but I have the dark line down my belly. It started off very faint, but is slowly getting darker

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Tuesday everyone! I wanted to put up a post yesterday, but we didn't get home from Ontario until 10:30pm on Sunday and had no time/energy to do so. 

{thursday} in the morning, we dropped Harley off at doggie day care (one of the ladies who works there will take dogs in on the weekend, so she looked after him while we were gone) and then headed to the airport. We got into Ontario around 7pm and grabbed a quick bite to eat after my mom picked us up from the airport.

{friday} we had no plans during the day, so decided to make the one hour drive to my mom's cottage as Mr.D had never seen it or been to Grand Bend before. The day wasn't very nice, but the rain held off so we could take a short walk on the beach.
Haha Mr.D in the jalapeno man outside the Mexican restaurant
After our walk and tour of Grand Bend, we headed to Bayfield (it's about 20 minutes from Grand Bend) for lunch at a little pub called the Black Dog Cafe. After lunch, we headed back to my mom's house for a quick nap and then we met up with my family for dinner. It was super casual, but nice to be able to see everyone and catch up.

{saturday} in the morning, we just hung out watching tv and movies. In the afternoon, I was surprised with a baby shower thrown by my mom's good friends and her daughter. Baby D and I were definitely spoiled rotten! I'll recap the shower later this week :) After the shower, we headed back to my mom's house to meet up with my brothers and Mr.D. They had spent the afternoon getting lunch and doing guy things while we were at the shower :)  My mom made a fabulous dinner and we spent the night eating, talking and watching a movie. 

Mr.D and my brothers

My SIL and I who are about 3 weeks apart
Just some of baby D's gift and gift cards

{sunday} in the morning, we met up with my dad and his wife, her son and my younger brother (catch all that?!) for breakfast. In the afternoon, we made a quick trip to Winners to pick up a new suitcase (so many gifts!) and then dropped by to see my older brother and his wife. We headed back to my mom's for a quick dinner before it was off to the airport. 

It was a super quick and busy trip, but it was nice to spend time with my family and for Mr.D to be able to come along as well.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

{baby d}: week twenty five

Just a friendly reminder that I am posting my weekly recaps a week behind


Another appearance by Harley and his ball :) Thanks Erica for letting me borrow this dress! 

Feeling: still have groin/round ligament pain which comes and goes. The worst is rolling over in bed or getting off the couch from sitting for a while. Otherwise, felt a bit tired last week, but I think that comes with growing a baby!

Workouts: Three runs (12kms total), lots of walks with Harley and a prental yoga class

  • lots of movement still! I still can't get over how weird it is to see my belly roll and move with her movements
  • I talked about this on Friday, but still trying to decide if I want to get maternity pictures done or just newborn ones or both
  • some days it blows my mind that I am going to be a mom/ we are going to be parents. I know there is a baby growing in my belly, but it's crazy to me some days

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Tuesday everyone! This weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada, so we had a long weekend. Loved every minute of it! 

{friday} Mr.D had gone biking after work, so I took Harley for a run and then we hung out at home.

{saturday} Mr.D was riding his motorcycle to Edmonton, so he left a bit before me to try and beat the rain. Harley and I headed out shortly after that to make the long boring driving to Edmonton. We got there in the early afternoon, and Mr.D and my FIL were working on the bikes, so I took Harley for a walk in the river valley. Later that night, we met up with one of Mr.D's friends for dinner and then stopped by another friend's house to say hi.

{sunday} in the morning, Mr.D and his dad had gone for long motorcyle ride, so I waited for them to get back before we took Harley for another walk in the river valley. It was a super windy, but sunny fall day. Later that afternoon, we headed over to my BIL & SIL's house for Thanksgiving dinner. They put on a fabulous meal and I think I am still full :)

{monday} Mr.D and Harley let me have a sleep in, which was fabulous. Harley and I headed out later that morning to head home. An uneventful drive home followed by a nap for both of us when we got home :)

Tell me: how was your weekend?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Five on Friday

{one} Happy Friday everyone! This started out super busy at work and then me not wanting to be there at all. Ever have one of those weeks? So glad it's Friday!

{two} Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends! We are heading to spend time with Mr.D's family and of course stuff ourselves silly. So excited for stuffing. 

{three} the other night, we made this recipe for chicken avocado parm that Lindsey had on her blog. We have never actually made chicken parm and this recipe was a keeper! So good. I looked forward to lunch the next day :)

{four} I have been trying to debate if I want to get maternity pictures done. For the mama's out there, did you get them done? If you didn't, do you regret it now? I know that I want newborn pictures for sure, but just not sure I want to spend the money on both. Call me cheap :)

{five} have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

{baby d}: week twenty four

Just a friendly reminder that I am posting my weekly recaps a week behind

My outfit this week definitely didn't show off my belly very well. Oh well, it's all about what fits these days.

Feeling: overall, still no major complaints. I got home from San Fran on Monday and I was pretty tired for the rest of the week though. Those hills and being busy took it out of me!

Workouts: prenatal yoga class, two runs, two weight workouts, swimming and walks with Harley. A pretty good week of workouts!

Haha this is what happens when Harley comes outside while Mr.D takes my weekly pictures
  • had my 24 week check up at the maternity clinic. Baby girl's heart rate was in 140 this time. Belly was measuring right on track even though people have told me that I am still tiny. I did get a bit of a talk about my weight gain this time, but I blame it on all of the delicious food in San Fran ;) Definitely not the easiest thing to hear even when you are pregnant and supposed to be gaining weight.
  • she was a moving and shaking this week! Mr.D was finally able to feel a kick/punch/etc, which was really neat for him. I can see some of the movements from the outside, which is crazy.
  • One of Mr.D's coworkers made us this adorable blanket:

Monday, October 6, 2014

Scenes from the weekend

I was a bad blogger this weekend and took zero pictures! So let's pretend this post is full of wonderful and pretty pictures :)

{friday} After work, I took Harley for a short walk and then Mr.D and I headed out to grab some sushi for dinner. Pretty sure I was in bed before 10pm :)

{saturday} in the morning, Mr.D had gone biking with a friend so I took Harley for a run. Well, it's more run and walking these days, but still happy to be able to get out there. In the afternoon, we headed to Alison and Justin's to help celebrate Miss Delainey's first birthday. Alison put together a wonderful ice cream party! After the birthday party, we stopped at Canadian Tire to finally buy a floor lamp for our living room. Only four years of living here that we finally bought one ;)

{sunday} Mr.D went biking with Justin in the morning, so I headed to the Y to swim some laps. After swimming, I took Harley for a long walk as it was a beyond gorgeous day here. The rest of the day was spent napping, getting groceries and making dinner. 

A quiet, but perfect weekend :)

Tell me: what were you up to for the weekend?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Girls weekend in San Francisco: part two

You can find part one here

Sunday morning we were up bright and early to head out to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. We took a taxi to the Sports Basement, which is where we rented the bikes from. It was $25 for the day, which was a pretty good deal and they opened at 8am unlike a lot of other places. 

After stopping for some pictures, we made our way across the bridge and into Sausalito for some brunch. We landed upon a place called Fred's, which had the most delicious potatoes!

After brunch, we had to hustle back to the ferry as Lauren had to get back for her flight. The ferry ride had great views on the way back too :)

Once getting off the ferry, Lisa, Amber, Kyria and I biked to the ferry building to have a little sit down and to look around. After resting for a bit, we biked back to the Sports Basement to drop off the bikes. Kyria headed home and Lisa, Amber and I headed back to the apartment to clean up and hang out for a bit. That night, we took the muni and a bus to the North Beach area to look around. We ended up at this random Italian restaurant (forgot to write down the name), which had amazing pasta. After dinner, we stopped for some gelato before making our way back to the apartment. 

On Monday, we had a bit of time in the morning before we had to catch our flight, so we headed out for some breakfast. After breakfast, we wandered around and into the Castro area. We made a quick stop at Dolores Park and then headed back to grab our bags and head to the airport. 

So sad that another fabulous girls weekend is over :( Thank you girls for a great weekend and fun times! :)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Girls weekend in San Francisco: part one

How does one capture the fun times had this past weekend in a blog post? I'm not really sure, but I will try my best :)

The weekend started when I flew from Calgary to San Fran on Friday. Amber was on the same flight as me, which was really nice as we could travel from the airport to our apartment together. We got into San Fran after 2pm and made our way to the apartment where Lisa and Lauren already were. In case you are looking for a place to stay in San Fran, we stayed at this apartment through airbnb. In the late afternoon, we walked to pick up some groceries and spent the night making a pasta dinner at the apartment. 

We were up bright and early on Saturday morning as Kyria was super nice to come pick us up and drive us to the race start. All of the girls were running the trail race (Lisa, Lauren and Amber ran the half marathon and Kyria ran the 35k). I obviously am in no shape for a super hilly trail race, so I was the token cheerleader. While the girls ran, I read my book, talked to a couple other ladies waiting for people and walked around the small lake near the race start. 

After the girls rocked their races, we headed out for some food to a place that Kyria recommended called Sam's Log Cabin. It was so good! 

After lunch, we headed back into San Francisco so everyone could shower. That night, we decided to stay in the Mission area and went for Mexican food. It was a little hole in the wall, but super busy type of places. The food was so good!

After dinner, we walked to a famous ice cream place called Mitchell's ice cream. I actually turned down getting ice cream because I was so full from dinner!

I'll finish recapping our trip tomorrow :)


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