Monday, October 27, 2014

28 Years Young

First, I just want to say thank you to everyone who emailed, texted, send messages on FB, etc wishing me a happy birthday! It was really nice :)

Second, if you want to read some of Mr.D's past birthday posts to me, they can be found here:

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Another year has gone by and once again you need to suffer through my babbling summary of the events that I feel have influenced Leigh and I the most. The big news this year obviously is Leigh's pregnancy (its not my pregnancy, I just facilitated the condition Image result for winky face), but I think you should know what Leigh has had to put up with since we found out the news. I realized that as soon as I am responsible for a being that would not survive if I didn't look after it, my time would no longer be mine, it would be baby's. So my mission this year was to mountain bike as much as I could. Two out of town trips (over a week each) and day trips to the mountains as much as four times a week took me out of the house more than I am sure Leigh liked. I knew that this was the last chance I had to pick up and go bike whenever I wanted. THANK YOU LEIGH for letting me do what I absolutely love to do!!

Leigh doesn't understand why I love to bike as much as I do, but every ride involves scenery like this and outcomes like the pedal bites on my legs (if you don't bleed it wasn't a good ride). In Squamish at the top of a legendary trail called Half Nelson there was this photo tacked to a tree:

 It made me realize that only a few years ago I had this mindset (about having a baby, not about getting married... I love you Leigh!!). Now, however, I am ready. I am ready for this next adventure in our lives. Screaming, pooping, crying, more screaming, and that's just how Leigh is going to be! ;) I'm sure that it will be a rude awakening for both Leigh and I, as people who truly value their sleep, but I am sure we will manage.

So one thing that I wasn't prepared for was the amount of stuff that we would begin to accumulate. And not stuff that we were buying, stuff that people were just giving us! Like we were the salvation army or something. Every time Allison's husband comes over before going for a ride he brings something. Like every freaking time! :) I do really appreciate all the things that people have lent us, not only because it means we don't have to buy everything new, but also because I didn't know we needed all these things. Babies aren't like puppies. Puppies need food, a collar, a leach, and a ball. That's it. That is all that Harley needs. If those four things, along with Leigh and I, are in his life he is a happy dog. I have so much to learn and only 3 months to learn.

Teachers are notorious for being awful students. There is just something about being on the other side of the classroom that keeps us from being the students we love to teach. Instead we are the students we hate to teach. We are inattentive, we talk during lectures, we're cynical about the information we are receiving, and we HATE to participate in the lesson. So I'm pretty sure I'll be the worst parent-to-be at our prenatal class. Sorry Leigh, you might have to put up with scowls and sideways glances.

Enough about me, this is Leigh's birthday post, so lets talk about her. Leigh has been so great throughout this pregnancy. She doesn't really complain about anything. She doesn't nag me to get her things, or to do things for her, or blame me for "doing this to her". She has had to adjust what she does with her free time. Instead of marathon training and crossfit, Leigh has been baby training (yoga), going for walks, and working out at home. The one time in her life when she could shamelessly do nothing but lounge around the house and she is still taking Harley daily long walks. 
Leigh doesn't let her pregnancy be a burden to her, but treats it like the beautiful present that will deliver to us the next chapter in our lives. I am so excited for our baby to come, and I cannot wait to see how wonderful of a mother Leigh will end up being.

I love you Leigh, Happy Birthday.

Mr. D


  1. Great post, as usual! Happy birthday again, hope you had a great day and I know 28 will be the bets yet :)

  2. I love this!! Sorry I forgot to wish you a happy birthday yesterday, I was busy with my own haha! Happy birthday to my birthday twin! This post could have been written by my husband haha, he is always like Why do we need this again?! Like our swing which takes up a huge chunk of the living room. One of my friends brought her baby over and put her in our swing and then he saw how much she loved it and he was like ohhh!!
    You guys will be great parents! Even though dogs don't need much I think they are great practice for babies haha, at least you get used to poop!

  3. Great post as always!! I hope you has an awesome day. This coming year will be the best yet for sure! So excited for you!

  4. "And not stuff that we were buying, stuff that people were just giving us! Like we were the salvation army or something." -- hahaha

    I always love Mr. D's birthday posts and this one was especially good. You guys have a big change to your lives coming but I know you are both going to be amazing parents, and such a good team together!! I hope you had an amazing birthday.

    Also, how has it been four years already that Mr. D has been writing these posts. Craziness!!

  5. Aw, I love Mr. D's posts. They are up there in terms of my favorite posts to read on your blog each year. He is so funny, I Love the salvation army comment the most! But all in all, I can just tell how much he loves and cares for you and I'm so happy you have each other! I hope that you had a very special birthday yesterday - I was thinking of you and wondering what you got for your presents! :) So please share (I always like hearing what other people receive!).

  6. Aww this was so sweet! Happy Birthday!

  7. oh gosh, such a sweet post. Happy birthday again!

  8. mom - now GrandmaOctober 28, 2014 10:32 AM

    Brian - you are the man that every other man wishes he could be - emotions; humor and above all - you love my daughter and tell her all the time.
    priceless. You both will be amazing parents - cause love is the stuff that makes that happen.

  9. I always love Brian's birthday posts. I even made Pete read this one. It's amazing how much stuff there is for babies. All the gadgets, clothes, furniture, etc.

  10. Also, I hope you had a great birthday and enjoyed a treat!!

  11. Great birthday tribute! You guys are going to be awesome parents. Let me know what gaps I can fill in for baby stuff!! Jolly jumper, bouncy chairs, wraps/carriers, etc etc etc.



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