Wednesday, October 29, 2014

{baby d}: twenty seven weeks

Just a friendly reminder that I am posting my weekly recaps a week behind

I had to include both pictures as the one with Harley makes me laugh as always. He planted his butt down when we told him to sit and wouldn't move, so that's what we ended up with :)

Feeling: still feeling pretty good, but was feeling very pregnant in the middle of the week. I think either her or I had a growth spurt this week. Still have some groin pain, but it comes and goes. 

Workouts: Prenatal yoga class (I have one more week left), two strength training workouts, one run and LOTS of walks (almost 27kms worth). The weather was gorgeous here this week, so I even got out at lunch with a co-worker which was a nice way to break up the day. Not sure how much longer I'll be running for as my groin and legs are left feeling very sore in the days following.  

 Oh my, how the belly and boobs have grown!

  • I had my glucose screening test on Tuesday and let's hope I passed! I tried to drink it as fast as I could and felt like I was going to puke near the last bit. She sure was moving up a storm after drinking it! The lady who took my blood also left me with a huge wonder I thought it was hurting the whole time.
  • pretty sure we have decided on a nursery colour. I had one idea in my head, but decided to stick with one colour and keep it simple. It was stressing me out too much!
  • went to IKEA for a couple of things, but had no luck with a foot stool. We have a poang chair, but they no longer make the colour of one we have, so trying to decide what to do now
  • this may sound silly, but I took Harley for a walk with the stroller on the weekend. He did way better than I thought he would as I was worried he would be all over the place.


  1. I love that you practiced a walk with a stroller, so cute! You also look super cute too.

  2. You are looking like the belly has grown! Love it. Good work on practicing with Harley! I never did but it's a good idea! I hope you passed too!! Excited to hear all about the nursery!

  3. You look lovely!! (I know I say that every week) I should really start practicing walks with my 3 + the stroller now haha it'll take 20 more weeks to master and figure out the dog walking logistics, either that or we will stick to the off leash park!

  4. Lol. I love that you took Harley for a walk with a stroller! But it's good that he handled it well!

    The 7/17/27 week photos are cool to see. I still think you look great but I can imagine you feel uncomfortable! I can't wait to see what color you picked for the baby's room. My guess is gray.

  5. I'm excited to see how your nursery turns out!

    Good idea practicing walking Harley with the stroller. Glad it went well.

  6. Crazy to see how much your belly has grown!

    I don't think it's crazy to test the stroller walking with Harley. Better to know now if he's going to be crazy. Glad he was good :) I'm impressed you're still running!!

  7. 27 weeks already?? It's going by so fast!! Great idea taking the stroller on a walk. Hope you passed the GD test.

    You look great!

  8. Love that you practiced walking with the stroller! It's a great idea :)

  9. Layla always tries to crash my bump photos too! You know what is cute instead of a matching footstool, one of those pouf ones! like this:



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