Wednesday, October 15, 2014

{baby d}: week twenty five

Just a friendly reminder that I am posting my weekly recaps a week behind


Another appearance by Harley and his ball :) Thanks Erica for letting me borrow this dress! 

Feeling: still have groin/round ligament pain which comes and goes. The worst is rolling over in bed or getting off the couch from sitting for a while. Otherwise, felt a bit tired last week, but I think that comes with growing a baby!

Workouts: Three runs (12kms total), lots of walks with Harley and a prental yoga class

  • lots of movement still! I still can't get over how weird it is to see my belly roll and move with her movements
  • I talked about this on Friday, but still trying to decide if I want to get maternity pictures done or just newborn ones or both
  • some days it blows my mind that I am going to be a mom/ we are going to be parents. I know there is a baby growing in my belly, but it's crazy to me some days


  1. I can see how it feels surreal that you are going to be parents soon! I am glad that you are feeling pretty good for the most part. That groin/ligament pain sounds uncomfortable though!!

  2. Love that dress! I miss dressing a bump, I really liked it!
    Ligament pain is no fun, I had it too :(

  3. You look fantastic! I agree with Lindsey - that dress is super cute :)

  4. He's been here 6 months and sometimes my husband and I look at each other and say "we have a BABY!"

  5. You look great!! Hopefully the pain subsides soon!!! It really sucks towards the end when you feel like the baby will fall out haha

  6. Haha I remember my best friend saying the exact same thing near the end of her pregnancy about how crazy it was to think about being parents and having a baby to take care of!

    You are still looking great!

  7. I still have moments of 'OMG I'm a parent!' You guys will be great parents!
    Cute outfit- bump is a growing!

    Do the mat pictures! You will regret it if you don't! You have such a cute bump!

    Round ligament pain sucked! I always held my belly when rolling over or out of bed. Does the snoogle help?

    Any closer to nursery decisions? You don't have to go fancy if you don't want to. It's mostly for you anyway!

  8. I say do maternity pictures. They always turn out so cute, and I think it is a fun thing to have. Your outfits are so cute!!

  9. What a cute outfit! And I love that Harley seems to get his nose into every photo!

  10. The groin pain is no fun. I say do some maternity pics, even if they aren't total professional ones.

  11. Nice work on the workouts!! LOVE that bump! I was like that all the time, so shocked I was pregnant and having a baby and still I am shocked that she is ours!! It's amazing. Do photos!! You won't regret it. It's a special time.

  12. I debated getting maternity pictures taken because of all the money we were spending on other baby stuff, but then I caved and got them and will never regret it!!



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