Thursday, October 2, 2014

Girls weekend in San Francisco: part one

How does one capture the fun times had this past weekend in a blog post? I'm not really sure, but I will try my best :)

The weekend started when I flew from Calgary to San Fran on Friday. Amber was on the same flight as me, which was really nice as we could travel from the airport to our apartment together. We got into San Fran after 2pm and made our way to the apartment where Lisa and Lauren already were. In case you are looking for a place to stay in San Fran, we stayed at this apartment through airbnb. In the late afternoon, we walked to pick up some groceries and spent the night making a pasta dinner at the apartment. 

We were up bright and early on Saturday morning as Kyria was super nice to come pick us up and drive us to the race start. All of the girls were running the trail race (Lisa, Lauren and Amber ran the half marathon and Kyria ran the 35k). I obviously am in no shape for a super hilly trail race, so I was the token cheerleader. While the girls ran, I read my book, talked to a couple other ladies waiting for people and walked around the small lake near the race start. 

After the girls rocked their races, we headed out for some food to a place that Kyria recommended called Sam's Log Cabin. It was so good! 

After lunch, we headed back into San Francisco so everyone could shower. That night, we decided to stay in the Mission area and went for Mexican food. It was a little hole in the wall, but super busy type of places. The food was so good!

After dinner, we walked to a famous ice cream place called Mitchell's ice cream. I actually turned down getting ice cream because I was so full from dinner!

I'll finish recapping our trip tomorrow :)


  1. SO MUCH FUN! I am still thinking about that burrito. And that ice cream. Oh man. Maybe that's because I just ate a giant salad for lunch (not nearly as delicious as the burrito! haha)

    We definitely had some good times and a lot of delicious food last weekend!

  2. How fun! Those little hole in the wall places in the Mission are always so delicious! And Mitchell's, YUM!!

  3. It's so fun reading these recaps as I get to relive the trip again! My favorite meal of the trip was probably those tacos from that taqueria, but it's tough to choose a favorite since we had so many great meals!!

    It was SO wonderful to spend so much time with you! I just wished we all lived closer! I also was impressed by how well you felt over the weekend - baby D clearly did not slow you down!

  4. This recap reminds me that we ate a lot!!! There are so many good places to choose from; it is hard to decide where to go. However, I think we did a pretty good job picking last weekend!

  5. Looks like such a great time!! So fun that you guys did this. Such yummy food too! What?! Too full for ice cream? I;m not sure we can be friends anymore. ;) ha ha

  6. Sounds like a great trip!! I would love to go to SF one day. On the list that's for sure! How could you say no to ice cream? Silly woman!



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