Monday, October 6, 2014

Scenes from the weekend

I was a bad blogger this weekend and took zero pictures! So let's pretend this post is full of wonderful and pretty pictures :)

{friday} After work, I took Harley for a short walk and then Mr.D and I headed out to grab some sushi for dinner. Pretty sure I was in bed before 10pm :)

{saturday} in the morning, Mr.D had gone biking with a friend so I took Harley for a run. Well, it's more run and walking these days, but still happy to be able to get out there. In the afternoon, we headed to Alison and Justin's to help celebrate Miss Delainey's first birthday. Alison put together a wonderful ice cream party! After the birthday party, we stopped at Canadian Tire to finally buy a floor lamp for our living room. Only four years of living here that we finally bought one ;)

{sunday} Mr.D went biking with Justin in the morning, so I headed to the Y to swim some laps. After swimming, I took Harley for a long walk as it was a beyond gorgeous day here. The rest of the day was spent napping, getting groceries and making dinner. 

A quiet, but perfect weekend :)

Tell me: what were you up to for the weekend?


  1. Yum, sushi :-) I ate so much when I was pregnant!
    I love D's party theme, too cute!!
    Sounds like a fun and realxing weekend :-)

  2. Thank you again for coming!! Sounds like a good weekend! The weather was so crazy nice!! I hope it keeps up!

  3. Sounds like a fun relaxing weekend!

  4. What a relaxing weekend. I love sushi, and I am in bed before 10pm every night, haha!

  5. Your weekend sounds like the perfect mix of being out and about and staying close to home! I had a fun weekend with my college girlfriends. We don't all get together very often since we are somewhat spread out so it's always great when we are all together in one place. As much as I loved the time with them, I especially loved spending the day with Phil yesterday after dropping my friend off at the airport at noon. We went for a run, I helped with yard work, we made dinner and watched a movie. It was so great to have all that time with him as we haven't seen much of each other lately thanks to my over-planned life!

  6. That sounds like a really nice and relaxing weekend! Our weekend was a bit to go go go for me but we had a lot of fun! I just wish I'd gotten more stuff down around the house. Oh well, next weekend! I worked Saturday morning and then we went to Kelowna on Saturday afternoon for the Brad Paisley concert. We were home by about 3pm on Sunday so I guess I could have been productive on Sunday afternoon but instead spent the afternoon/evening lying on the couch watching Netflix!

  7. Sounds like an awesome weekend!! Nice and low key!! Too funny about the floor lamp!

  8. Perfect weekend! Nice to visit with you on Saturday!

  9. That sounds like a perfect weekend, especially after the weekend before that! I really enjoy having a nice relaxing weekend from time to time. However, it seems that more often than not, even if I try to "plan" for a quiet weekend, something always comes up, and it's hard to say no! Last weekend was supposed to be quiet but then I went for a trail run with a friend of mine, cleaned the house, ran errands and met up with my Mom for a hike and brunch!



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